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Cold Weather Barefooting

Friday, January 31st, 2014
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Keeping warm!

ome winter there’s no reason to stop skiing. I have learned through the years on the best ways to keep warm. It starts with padded shorts, and a flomo vest. Next I prefer to wear a one piece suit instead of sweats; you can always feel the cold in the area that they meet. The main piece is the Dry suit, the dry suit seals around your wrists, ankles, and neck. If all seals work properly, you should stay dry except for your hands, feet and head, which are exposed. I have found that water will get in through the neck when doing a back deep. If you use a neck brace this will stop that from happening. A set of neoprene gloves and a scuba hood will help keep the hands and head warm.

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Even warmer!

Hot water is a must for cold weather skiing. Sticking your hands and feet in after every pass. If your footin, that will help, if you’re shoe skiing, WBC shoe skies have the neoprene boots on them and that helps a lot. I do enjoy the hot tub on the dock that warms the body up fast.

A nice feature for the driver is to install clear plastic from the windshield to the Bimini top this will put the driver in a capsule and keep them warmer.

Jerry Kanawyer (Flipper)