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Barefoot International Booms

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Barefoot Int was the first company to manufacture and sell barefoot booms to the public.  A boom is a device that sticks out the side of the boat which is attached to a pylon or tower that enables any water discipline to be learned much easier and safer.

Barefoot International Boom off the boat

I learned how to step off a ski in 1988 holding onto a boom and if it wasn’t for that who knows how difficult it would have been to learn how to barefoot water ski.  Many people have learned how to get up on water skis, a wakeboard and on one ski while holding onto the boom.  Learning these manuveurs behind the boat can by tough for many people.  The boom is steady, rigid and allows the body weight of the individual to be less than trying it long line behind the boat.

The Tower Boom attaches to the side of the tower

This training aid or what is now called the boom was developed years before Mike Seipel began manufacturing it.  Some people used to build them out of two by fours, aluminum pipe and whatever they thought would be strong enough to attach to the boat and hold onto while skiing or barefooting.

Learning to slide before barefoot water skiing on the boom

Cypress Gardens was known for using their own homemade booms for photo shoots years ago.

WakeBoarding on the boom

Here’s a video of Keith St.Onge showing what a boom is and the features that come with it.

Barefoot Boom Video