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Joey Tombers: My Last Ski of the Season

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

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I am from Minnesota and the end of the ski season is usually in October. I am a part of the University of Minnesota Waterski and Wakeboard Team and we ski until we cannot anymore because of freezing water temperatures. The last ski of the season was on a rainy, windy, treacherous afternoon when four of us U of M students went out in the boat, found the best shoreline, and each only took about 2 runs because it was miserable weather. I do not own a dry suit, so I threw on as much Under Armor and heater shirts that I own and let the exercise do the rest of the heating.

Upon arriving back to the dock, changing into warm clothes and the U of M students driving back home, the weather began to clear up and all of a sudden the lake was glass. Lucky for me, we ski at my house so I was able to call up another friend to pull each other in the now beautiful weather. I do not know anybody who could pass that water up, so I threw my suit back on. By this time, I was already numb so the need for heater shirts was gone. My friend and I went right back out and enjoyed some great sets of barefooting, and some slalom thrown in there. I even successfully made some of the best turns over the entire season. The lakes are now frozen solid. The picture is of when the weather cleared up and the lake glassed over.

Joey Tombers