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Kailey Koehler: Not So White of a Christmas

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Although sitting in the car for 18 hours isn’t on top of my “top list of things to do”, skiing in florida over my winter break is. I like spending time with my family, but 18 hours in the car isn’t as fun as it sounds. We try to keep ourselves busy by watching movies, waving to all the cars we pass by, and counting how many Cracker Barrel breakfast places we pass (one year we counted 114, but we did lose count a few times). Luckily, I am able to sleep most of the way while my dad drives. I have plenty of time to dream about sitting in the warm weather and skiing with all my friends.

For those 18 hours of driving I look forward to skiing down at WBC and spending Christmas in the warm Florida sun! This year I am training for the 2014 worlds in Australia! I look forward to skiing a lot and preparing myself to ski at worlds. I am also looking forward to going to the beach and spending time with the Ebbert Family. We have rented a house with them for the last 7 years over our winter break. We love playing games like ping pong, football, frisbee, and board games. Over christmas break we have so much fun with our barefoot family and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

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Sunday, December 1st, 2013

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Collin Barber: Christmas Break at the World Barefoot Center

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

The first time I went down to  the World Barefoot Center was over the Christmas Holiday Break in 2011. Every year my family and I would go to Florida for our Christmas Break and usually on one day of the trip, my dad, my little brother, and I would go to a ski school to barefoot. Well during this trip, we were getting ready to plan our annual trip when the ski school told us they would be closed on the only day we could go. My brother and I were relieved because let’s be honest… Vacation time was to relax and have fun. And barefooting was work. I liked barefooting at the time, but not enough to do it on vacation every year!

Of course, my dad called around and eventually got on the phone with the WBC. When my dad asked if they would be open, it was Swampy I’m sure who answered, “Yes sir, we’re open 365 days a year”. And despite the groans from me and my little brother, we were off to the World Barefoot Center.

That day was absolutely FREEZING for Florida. I remember I couldn’t believe how cold the water was. Despite the cold, we skied throughout the day. My goal was to work on getting up backwards. My dad wanted to clean up his front position. And my little brother’s goal was to get up backwards too. My dad ended up skiing only in the morning. My little brother ended up skiing one set because it was so cold. I ended up skiing the whole day though and I managed to accomplish much more than backwards. I learned how to do front toe-holds too. I didn’t even know what that was until that day. And I couldn’t believe I learned how to do it!
Even though I was dreading going to a ski school over Christmas Break, I learned a lot in that one day and started a passion that will continue. If it wasn’t for that one day, I would’ve never gone back multiple weeks to ski, improve, and become a sponsored skier. That one day showed me a whole new world of waterskiing and shaped my life so much in the long run. I definitely wouldn’t change any of it.

Collin Barber