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Alexis McCauley: My First Tournament

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014


My first tournament was the 2012 Chick Fest at the Blue Moo in Wisconsin. My mom and dad were not able to go because they were working. My grandma Julie drove my sister Syd and me to Wisconsin, which was ten hours away from where we lived.

My grandma took us to the site at 7 am when the start time was around 8. I was not expecting this long, narrow lake in the ground. Slowly one by one, people started showing up. They were very laid back, calm, and friendly. Everyone was so welcoming. They asked who we were, where we were from, and how long we skied. All the friendly people helped calm my nerves. The boat driver was going to be the guy with the dog which I couldn’t remember his name [David Small]. I remember the dog, Charlie, because of pictures I had seen. Later I found out the driver was the champion of the whole world. I thought, he has to be as good of a driver as my dad.

I watched the Kohler girls skied. “WOW!” I was very impressed. My sister skied and got a personal best. It was my turn to go. In the water, I told Mr. Small I would stand up in the middle if I didn’t make it out. Never skiing off a super fly high or a Sanger before, my brother said it felt just like being on the boom. So, I called a slow-medium- medium start to 27 mph. Mr. Small gave me a good start. I planted my feet, to stand and I edged out. All I could hear was everyone cheering from shore for me to be skiing my first tournament. My trick run was sit down, stand up, and hand-hand. My second pass was just to ski down the lake and wave to the crowd. The rest of the day was so much fun, meeting David Small and Charlie, hanging out with a lot of the other girls. I heard good job and got high 5’s all day. I was looking forward to my next tournament in three weeks, the Eastern Regional’s. Then my final destination was Waco,Texas for my first U.S. Barefoot Nationals.

Alexis McCauley

Chick Fest: The Barefoot Tournament for Girls and Women

Monday, May 20th, 2013


All over the world you will find a number of different barefoot tournaments, but there is one specifically that I find different from all the rest. The tournament I am referring to is called Chick Fest and it is for GIRLS ONLY! Chick Fest is hosted in Alma Center, Wisconsin at the Blue Moo. I have been going to this tournament since the first one in June of 2007. It is an awesome tournament that I hope we can keep going in the years to come.

Chick Fest is a great tournament for girls of all ages and skill levels to come to and have a good time. It is not a competitive tournament at all and very laid back. I like to think of it just as a fun picnic for girls to meet other female footers and get some water time. There is even a boom division for footers who are just starting out. Most recently, David Small has come to this tournament to drive and and teach some clinics. This gives all of the girls some professional instruction to improve any areas she may need help in.

At Chick Fest, any pressure from a typical tournament is taken away and you are surrounded by a great set of people. The atmosphere is great for all girls to be a part of and see what this sport is really about. I definitely encourage every Chick footer out there to attend this tournament!

~Ariana Koehler