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The 2013 Barefoot Nationals Results

Monday, September 16th, 2013
Photo: 85-year-old Jim Boyette does a flyer.
The 2013 Barefoot Water Ski National Championships was held at Mossdale Quarry Lakes in Lathrop, California.  Unfortunately, the site changed six weeks prior to the tournament. A key part of making this change happen, though, was Tim Pellaton, who no matter what I needed was able to find it for me, from a trailer for the scorers, to a motor home for the officials, to a gas trailer. A key thanks also goes to Mike Temby for donating his personal jet ski for a pickup boat.
The site was a big challenge to set up with depths of fifty feet and inclines that made it nearly impossible to set up the course. Tim and I spent ten days setting it up with help the last couple of days from Claudia and Dave Landon and Casey and Judy Meyers. Andrew Martin and Andy Conway handled all the electronics, video,
web site, programs, and t-shirt design. Thank you to Mark Hobson and Mike Temby for their assistance with fundraising, as well as Doug Jordan for handling
the jump!
Photo: Nice water at the Barefoot Nationals.
And what can I say about Scott Pellaton, Mike Ehlert and Teresa Wallace! Teresa went out and skied 92 mph on her feet, during a down-time for rough water that
we had put a hold on the tournament for. Scott’s 1981 Sanger Mini Day Cruiser (with Mike Ehlert as his observer) got the hair standing up on all of our backs with
that Blown Chevy 540 cubic inch engine pushing about 900 horse power. Thanks, Scott, Mike, and Teresa!
And a Big Thank You goes to all of our sponsors! Dublin Toyota, WBC (World Barefoot Center), Sanger Boats, Delta RV and Boat Storage, Flipper Roofing, Flipper Sports, Pape Material Handling Company, Temby Properties, The Boat Dock, Mike Molepske, Don Stoppe, and our host hotel Comfort Suites.  With the short amount of time we had to establish an alternate site in close proximity to our lake, the Mossdale Quarry site was all we had. While it wasn’t perfect due to the wind mentioned previously, and even though the backwash made the competition a little tough, the skiers stepped up their game and took those challenges head on.
I was a little disappointed with the turn out, as it was one of our more sparsely attended National competitions with only 68 skiers. If we had more skiers, we
would have run out of time for the event unless we had shorter turn-around times. Regardless, I want to thank all of the officials for their huge time investment in
order to make this event happen. A final bit of appreciation goes to the owner of the lake, Robert Brown, for working with us to get this event on the books.
By: Jerry Kanawyer
Tournament article by USA Water Ski via WaterSki: 36th Annual Barefoot Nationals

The 2013 Barefoot Nationals Update

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The 2013 Barefoot Nationals are quickly approaching!  The tournament will be held at Mossdale Quarry Lakes . Here are some updates:

The tournament has been shortened by one day– the new dates are August 15-17.

Host hotel:   Comfort Suites in Oakley, California. Book your rooms early as you can– the room rate is $99.00 a night. The hotel is about 35 minutes from the site.

Airport info: San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento, all within 75 minutes. I would check all four for flights, because sometimes there’s a big difference in price. Sacramento has the least amount of traffic, almost none. The other three just depend on the time of day. The traffic is heaviest between 2 PM – 8 PM.

Theresa Wallace will perform a 100-mph barefoot run on Saturday, August 17 after the jump event.  The company will be doing some filming during the tournament.

Wednesday 14 – Site familiarization 9 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday 14 ABC Board Meeting Jerry’s House 8 AM – 4 PM
Thursday 15 – 1st day of tournament
Friday 16 – 2nd day of tournament
Saturday 17 – Final day of tournament

Running order of events: 2013 Barefoot Nationals Schedule
Friday 16 Jerry & Tracy Wedding Jerry’s house 7 PM
Saturday 17 Awards Banquet and Dinner
4 – Sanger DXII  Barefooter with Super Fly High
3 Boats Pulling a skier 50 plus miles per hour

Click Here and Select on Nationals to Register

Registration Deadline:
August 7, 2013 and then penalty of $10.00/day

Host Hotel:
Comfort Suites – Oakley
5549 Bridgehead Road
Oakley, CA  94561
Phone: (925) 755-1222
Fax: (925) 755-1221
Brentwood Community Center
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
San Jose (SJC) Oakland (OAK)
San Francisco (SFO) Sacramento (SMF)
For more information:
Jerry Kanawyer

Sponsorship opportunities available :

Tournament Sponsor -$7,500

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Event Sponsor – $500.00

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Contact Mark Hobson @ 916-420-4957

From the ABC:

2013 U.S. Barefoot Nationals Changes Lake

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the American Barefoot Club and Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the venue for the 2013 Barefoot Water Ski National Championships has been forced to move from Diablo Shores, Brentwood, CA, to the Mossdale Quarry Lakes located at 96 W. Mossdale Rd. Lathrop, CA 95330.

The host hotel and arriving airports will remain the same. This venue is located about 35 minutes from the host hotel. Again the ABC and LOC sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this change will cause, but it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, changing the host hotel would be very costly due to the contract negotiated over a year ago and cause significant inconvenience to people who have already booked their rooms, thus the reason to keep the host hotel the same. In an effort to help competitors understand why the Nationals has undergone two substantial changes, please feel free to contact ABC President Joe Malenfant at with any of your questions. Also, the online registration is active at:


Joe Malenfant

ABC President

By: Karen Putz

Preparing for the 2013 Barefoot Nationals

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


I have been in this sport for many years; my first tournament was in 1987 at the Oakland Estuary in Oakland California. It was also my first experience with William Farrell. He was very helpful and supported of all of the new skiers. He rallied us to get out there and give a 110% and have fun. Very early in the day I started to say, wow this guy sure talks a lot. I found out later that there is no off button for West Coast Willie; he’s the original energizer bunny. No one can ever say that Willie isn’t a social butterfly.

Scott Pellaton wowed us with a 110 Mile per hour pass. That was a sight to see for a rookie barefooter. I was hooked after my first tournament. I started looking for a barefoot boat afterwards. I found a 1984 Barefoot Antique. It had a great flat wake, but some of you newer skiers would not know about the cliff that you come off of; the wake was tall and wider. It was still a great wake but it made it difficult learning back one foot wakes. You thought the falls on our current boats are bad, it was twice the hit taking falls from skiing behind the Barefoot Antique.

We have had a cold winter for northern California. This winter has been all about letting the body heal, working and planning the 2013 Barefoot Nationals which will be held at
Diablo Shores in Brentwood, California.

For this tournament, we are trying to put a lot of emphasis on getting some spectators in the seats as well as putting on a great Nationals for all the skiers. For the last four years, Mike Temby, Tim Pellaton, Rick Fuller and I have put on an air and ski show. On Saturday with the finals, we are planning to add in a mini ski show to add to the event. Some possibilities would be acrobatic jet skiers, a speed barefoot run with the top female or male record holders, Scott Pellaton and Theresa Wallace, an air show by the patriot jet team–the only privately-owned jet team in the world. We might just have some skydivers coming in to show us their stuff (and no, it’s not going to be Small’z!).

The host hotel is the Comfort Suites in Oakley, California. Book your rooms early as you can– the room rate is $99.00 a night. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the site.

We are surrounded by four airports: San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento, all within 75 minutes. I would check all four for flights, because sometimes there’s a big difference in price. Sacramento has the least amount of traffic, almost none. The other three just depend on the time of day. The traffic is heaviest between 2 PM – 8 PM.

Jerry Kanawyer (Flipper)

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David Small California Barefoot Water- ski clinic

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

I arrived in to San Fransico on the Saturday where Mr Jerry Kanawyer himself picked me up .  What I had forgotten was that it was his birthday so he didn’t get a happy bday straight away from me so I apologize for that Jerry.  Jerry has been on the US barefoot Water ski team for years and has always been a great US team player!!  His nickname is Flipper which for those of you that don’t know where it came from….  He is one of only a few people in the World that do all 3 flips in their trick runs….. the wake to wake, wake, and regular flip!!  Rather him than me.

Jerry Kanawyer flipping

Jerry lives in Brentwood on one of the best ski lakes I have been to (it could be a couple hundred feet longer if you wanted to be REALLY picky).  It is died blue to stop the weeds growing in there which also makes the lake look like a swimming pool and with it been located in California it’s as warm as a bloody swimming pool as well…… perfect!!

Diablo Shores

Jerry got in to a car crash a few years ago and if he take a good hit he gets a head ache so he was skiing with a helmet on but when looking on the net we found something better…….. HAHAHAHA! You crack me up Jerry bird!!!

Jerry sporting his head gear

While I was there Jerry made great headway on his front and backwards one foot slalom as well as figuring out the line step position one foots and hops as well as working on breaking his old school bad habit of stepping through on his surface turns. Jerry is also in the process of learning invert jumping which he is doing great on and is always good fun to teach.

Jerry bringing the landing gear down after an inverted jump

Andy Conway was there for 4 days and work a lot of slalom and line step position one foots as well as trying to sort out his surface turns.

7 year old Jackson showing us all how its done

Early in the week we had a 7 year old boy called Jackson that had beaten leukemia and was out there barefooting on the short handle off the boom!! Talk about inspiring, this kid was amazing!!!

On the Wednesday we took a trip out to the Delta where we were met by Willy Farrel (aka, ‘One way Willy’) and his crew of Roy, Pepper Benz and his son…..   , Mark Hobsen, and Dave Naddy.

The Sacramento crew

We took Willys Malibu Response LX out on the 1000 miles of glass calm water (Delta) and hit it hard.  It was in the upper 90s that day and we stayed out on the glass from 830 in the morning until 7 at night without a brake as it was so good out there.  Roy, Mark and Dave worked on similar things with correcting their backwards barefooting position, back one foots and toe holds as well as getting in and out of the step position (the head zone helmets are a life saver when I comes to all of these things and makes it 100% easier for both the skier and instructor!).  Pepper worked on cleaning up his back to front and had never made a front to back so we concentrated on that and by the end of the day he was making a great front to back on the WBC shoe skis.

Dave Naddy showing us a great back toe hold

Loving the zinc action :)

Peppers son, Brady, who had never barefooted before or shown much interest, rocked it out and got out there on the handle and was showing the guys how easy it was to do some one foots.  He also got the award for the most improved skier of the way and went away with a new best hobby….. Way to go dude!!

Brady setting the bar for his elder brother

Adin Danneker, a WBC team member, rolled on up on the Thursday (he can travel around a lot as he only works a couple days a month and then sleeps a lot ….. hes a fire fighter).

It was all too much for Adin

Adin has been competing at a high level for a number of years and won medals at the last World Barefoot Championships as well as other top International events in the past.  It was a pleasure having him there with us for a few days and see his multiple turns get progressively better as well as making some huge progress in his slalom!

Roy Cotterill in a back one foot stance on the WBC shoes skis

Gregg Myer came and took a quick rip after a 6 year break from skiing and still went and did some back slalom.  He was up there on a magazine shoot for his one of a kind million dollar race car that was going up for auction the following month.

Meal time after a long day on the Delta

I took a few days and headed up to Sacramento to ski on another private lake (Twin Cities) and I got to see some more impressive skiing up there.  Mark Hodsen organized these few days and put on a great show.

Mark Hobsen looks just like Pitbull ;)

If it was a little chippy on the lake we headed to the infamous ‘lost slew’ on the Delta which was just behind the lake. Here we were greeted with a few straight glass stretches of around 3 miles a pop!!!! Mark made great progress with his backwards position as well as back one foots and figures out one foot slalom on his feet.  His wife also gave it a go and was a natural and got up first time on the boom and loved it!!  Mark also had his 11 year old niece, Mackenzie, give it a go and she got up on the 5 foot and was showing us some one foots.

11 year old Mackenzie after her ski

She went away loving barefooting and since getting the barefoot bug has been pestering Mark to get her back out on the water!! Great to see young kids, especially girls getting in to the sport! Joe Jacinto showed his face for a couple of days and learned some new slalom techniques as well as finding out that you don’t have to throw yourself in to a turn to make it around 😉 His wife, Dine, also gave barefooting a go and managed to get up on the handle on the shoe skis for the first time.

Pepper came back while I was up there with his older son, carter, as he had heard that his younger brother, who didn’t like barefooting before, was now footing and loving it.  He came to step up his game… nothing like sibling rivalry aye.  He had a great forwards position on his feet, great one foots and even started to try backwards.

Carter and I taking a ski on the Delta after a very productive day

I went and skied with the kids for a little rip at the end of the days they were there and it brought back great memories from when I was a kid learning to barefoot!  Any kid that tries this sport correctly with the right instruction and equipment and doesn’t love it must have something wired incorrectly 😉

Andy had to wear goggles due to his allergies which made it amusing to watch him ski and it was great to watch an ‘old school’ footer go out there and have fun doing some freestyle!!  We worked on some turns and slalom and then some side slides and general goofing around stuff… good fun.

Andy and his goggles ;)

I had a great couple of weeks in Cali and I am looking forward to going back out there later on this Summer!!

Huge thanks for everyone that skied and to Jerry Kanawyer who brought me out there and put me up as well as Willy for the day skiing and Mark for bringing me up to Sac for those fun few days!!!

By David Small AKA Small’z. lol