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Braving the cold – Sam Meredith

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Sam cold skiingLiving in Britain, a big obstacle to overcome is the cold weather. In the winter months if you are diehard about the sport and want to progress, skiing in cold weather is necessary. Skiing during the winter months in Britain where the temperatures rarely break 40 degrees, preparation must be taken to keep warm. Quite often cooler weather is associated with rough water conditions but I find most winter mornings you can find flat water without too much of a struggle.

Warming up is very important ensuring you get good blood flow to your muscles prior to your ski set. I would recommend wearing your barefoot suit or padded shorts under a dry suit in low temperatures. Ensure the zip is completely sealed before getting in the water. Skiing in the dry suit is slightly restrictive compared to skiing in just a barefoot suit and can feel quite uncomfortable but you get used to it. The neck and under arms are the two main areas for heat loss. In icy conditions I usually wear a head band as the wind chill on your forehead creates a stinging pain. To avoid getting a chill before skiing put the dry/wetsuit on in a warm building or car, this will prevent the period of near nakedness in the cool breeze while putting the suit on at the dock. If there is a group of us skiing normally two of us ski back to back sets whilst the other skiers wait in the warm.

Whilst on the water you will find that the cooler weather makes you a little less flexible and more difficult to bend your knees, you must concentrate and make an extra effort to complete things correctly. You will also find your reactions are slower because of the stiffness in your muscles, considering this you must anticipate the slower reactions and avoid problems with increased concentration. When you come in from skiing ensure there are facilities for a hot shower or bath to warm your body up quickly and effectively ready for your next set, if you’re using a wet suit leave the wetsuit on there’s nothing worse than putting on a cold wetsuit.

Ted Baber: Training at Keuka Lake

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Flying high during a training set

There was a training week held at Keuka lake, Fairford on the last week of July this year. It was put together by Jem Drew and Paul Turner, with help from Nick Lodge. It was a chance to bring the skiers closer together, and all throughout the week, there was a positive atmosphere. We spent 5 days training and working on different aspects everyday, based on what Paul saw individuals needed to work on, as well as overall new tricks. Charlie Long, Ben Edwards, Nick Lodge, Tom Heaps and Bibby Curtis spent the week camping down the lake. With the weather not holding up all week, it was a challenging to be there training, despite spending time during the rain hiding in the boat under the trees, we still managed to take advantage of the glass water. It was a great week, full of skiing, and being able to build up stronger friendships between the skiers.

By: Ted Baber