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Joey Tombers: The Importance of Learning Proper Barefooting Techniques

Friday, October 25th, 2013

I am on a show ski team and the conditions for barefooting are not desirable to say the least. When I first joined and was learning how to barefoot I didn’t know I was supposed to be doing it in glass water and I never knew about all of the little things I needed to learn. This first came clear to me when I went to the World Barefoot Center and learned these techniques and tons of other information about the sport. Now when I see new people on my show team try to barefoot I do my best to give them proper conditions and teach them about the techniques.

This really came clear about a year ago, when my friend on my ski team became seriously hurt while barefooting. This was very much avoidable and caused by the lack of knowledge about the sport. Ever since this happened, safety and knowledge have been a bigger part in skiing for me, and I believe they should be stressed more thoroughly if at all possible to beginning skiers.


The best water condition for barefoot water skiing:







The worst water condition for barefoot water skiing:

By: Joey Tombers