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Ariana Koehler: Barefoot Training in the Midwest

Monday, October 28th, 2013
Living in Chicago my whole life, I’m used to the weather we have.  The heat, the cold, rain, sleet, and snow; we get it all.  As great as that may seem to some people, for a barefooter it certainly has its downfalls.  This weather only gives us a limited amount of summer water time.  People always ask how we keep training with this issue.  The answer: ROAD-TRIP!
Anyone from the midwest is familiar with a White Christmas.  However, for the past 8 years, that has changed for our family.  It’s now a tradition for us to drive down to Florida as soon as we are out of classes and spend our Christmas skiing at the World Barefoot Center.  We still celebrate Christmas, just in a different way than we used to.  Our Christmas consists of playing holiday music in the boat while we ski, instead of the several feet of cold snow and a warm fire.
Just because we have short summers up in the Midwest doesn’t mean we stop.  We will start skiing towards the end of April and go to the middle of October.  The months in between, we work around the weather and go to Florida every chance we get.
By: Ariana Koehler