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Stefan Wimmer: How I Started Barefooting

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

My dad was also a barefooter, so when I was a little feller, I was always with him and my older brother in the boat. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed to be with my family on the boat. When I was six years old, I started to play around on the boom.

I skied whenever I desired to ski. Sometimes I wanted to learn something new and sometimes I just played around.

In this time I did also a lot of other sports like soccer, skateboarding, trampolining and some more. I liked to do so many different sports and barefooting was always a part of these sports.

When I was 9 years old, I skied my first tournament in Italy (Albarella) and it was amazing for me. I was a little bit nervous to miss the start, but I made it so I was really happy.

Since then, I skied every year a view competitions, but just for fun and barefooting was like a big hobby for me.

My brother was always an idol for me because he skied very good and I wanted to ski like he did. He trained hard and was focused on barefooting. In 2003, he won the junior slalom world championship and I was so proud of him.

From this poin, barefooting got more and more interesting for me. With 15 years, I did competitions in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy… and I love to travel around and do everywhere in the world Barefoot competitions.

I stopped playing soccer and from this time on, my focus was on barefooting.

When I watched at competitions professional barefooters, I wanted to be like them and trained more and more. This was my incentive.

Now I am proud to be part of the World Barefoot Center Team were I can ski and train with the best barefooters all over the world.

Keep on footing!!