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Ariana Koehler: Missing the 2014 Worlds

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

It sure was a bummer not being able to attend the 2014 World Barefoot Championships, but thank goodness for technology! Thanks to video and internet, it was awesome being able to watch everyone’s skiing from my dorm room back in Wisconsin. Just because I wasn’t there this time around doesn’t mean my pride for Team USA dwindled one bit. It was sad not to be on the dock with my sister before she skied since we have gone to every single tournament as an inseparable pair for the past several years, but I was still able to cheer her on from home. My friends who have never even heard of barefoot water skiing acquired such an interest for the sport as we watched the tournament together and I explained the ins and outs of everything that was involved.

Going through each event, explaining the scoring, and introducing them to all of the skiers constituted an eventful week in between all of our classes and studies. It was awesome to see my friends enjoy the sport as much as they did even though it was totally foreign to them.

-Ariana Koehler

Lauren St. Onge: Team USA at the 2014 Barefoot World Championships

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Skiers and supporters flew from all over the country to meet up in Las Angeles to begin our journey as a team to Australia. After 16 hours of flying we arrived in Melbourne. After collecting our MASSIVE amounts of luggage we loaded up the vehicles and were on our way to Yarrowanga Mulwala.

Driving on the left side of the road, and the driver on the right was a little chaotic getting out of the city but eventually we all made it. Everyone had clean windshield’s that’s for sure! Hehe I will explain. 90% of the time the driver meant to turn on the directional the windshield wipers would swish back and forth a few times, obviously these controls being on opposite sides took some getting use to.

We arrived safely unpacked, had some dinner and slept through the night. Kangaroo burgers anyone? The final consensus is that the typical aussie have never even tasted a bite of roo. All the Americans had a little and everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor of the meat.

Training began the first day on perfect water conditions, sunny skies, and smooth boats, a skiers dream. A couple more days of practice and then the tournament began!

Our supporters spent all day in the sun cheering and whistling on the skiers. Tan lines were the least of our worries hehe Oh tourists!

The USA team is extremely fortunate to have so much interest in barefoot waterskiing. We want to give a shout out to all our sponsors for the ski products you provided.

Barefoot International gear bags carried our barefoot equipment across the world:
Liquid Distribution/Ten-80 had everyone looking patriotic in the red white and blue board shorts.

Wood-Ya Eyewear kept our eyes protected from the sun and of course looking fly with the unique wood floating sunnies.

Venus supported our ladies with dresses giving a feminine twist to the opening ceremonies.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. We are truly grateful that you made the effort to sponsor the USA Skiers.

By: Lauren St. Onge

Upcoming 2014 Barefoot Worlds

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Jim Forster

As we approach the upcoming World Barefoot Waterskiing Championships in Mulwala, Australia, I would like to take time to wish all of the participating skiers the best of luck. There are only 5 weeks left before skiers from many different countries, take to the water in head to head competition that will determine the best team and best overall skiers. As a sponsored Team World Barefoot Center skier, I have met and skied with many of the athletes that will travel to Australia and compete. I myself will compete as an Independent U.S.A. skier, but want to point out that I have the utmost respect for all the competitors as I have seen their dedication and preparation over the last year. Countless hours of training on and off the water have been spent practicing new and untried techniques, searching for the key to perfecting their trick run, slalom pass or jump.

The Australian team is a force to be reckoned with, but each country brings top skiers and anything can happen. Whatever the results, each individual skier can be proud that he or she was there to represent their country. Kudos to Keith, David, Ashley, Ben and Swampy for pushing us to be the best that we can possibly be……I’m lucky to have been coached by each and every one of them. I’m lookng forward to skiing ‘Down Under’ as it has always been a goal of mine. I will be visiting family there before moving down to Mulwala on he border of New South Wales and Victoria, on the Murray River. It will be the middle of Summer there as the rest of you in the Northern Hemisphere will experience extreme cold weather, so bundle up and stay tuned to Australia…………. Good Luck to everyone!

Bob’s Your Uncle,
Jim Forster

Alex Youngblood: My Experience as a Sponsored Skier

Thursday, January 17th, 2013
I am Alex Youngblood from Highland, Michigan and this is my 2nd year being a sponsored skier at the World Barefoot Center. And I would like to tell you about all the fun I’ve had with them.
In 2012, I took a trip to Texas for the Barefoot World Championship tournament. I met people from all over the world! From Great Britain to Austria. I made a lot of new friends too. Sometimes you don’t find your best friends at home. Jenifer Blake and Riley Stenson from Illinois and Minnesota are like my two best friends.
Anyways, I went there to do tricks and slalom. My PB (personal best) was 700 for tricks, and at Worlds I got 900! My slalom PB 2.6 has been the same for a long time. I had a great experience. But to get 900 I learned a lot of new stuff at  the World Barefoot Center. I learned three new tricks in one week!
Backwards one foots, one foot stand ups and one foots. The staff from WBC really helped me at Worlds. And some day they might help you too.

Alex Youngblood

Alex Youngblood at WBC

Alex Youngblood at the 2011 Barefoot Nationals

Alex Youngblood at 9 Years Old

Chandler Cargile: My First World Barefoot Tournament

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

With the 2012 World Championships being my first Worlds and my first big tournament, I cannot even begin to explain how nervous I was. At first, I was confused on where to go and when to go. (ask Johnathan Martines, he knows) Once it was my turn to ski, my heart dropped like a rock and I couldn’t breathe! I can’t even tell you how nervous I was. Luckily, I made it to the second round in tricks, slalom and jump. I didn’t make it to the finals in tricks an slalom, but I did make it in the jump event. For some reason, I wasn’t as nervous at the jump finals. I can’t remember the order we all jumped in, but I think I was third to last. I think it was Foot’s wife (can’t really remember) that told me to start swimming out to the boat.

As I jumped in the water an started swimming, my heart started racing. We got down to the other end and I gave the boat crew my call. Once the boat started accelerating, all the nerves started to go away. As the boat got closer to the jump, I started to cut out and set up. As I hit the jump, I went up and freaked out a little bit. I landed it an rode it away! I couldn’t be sure, but to me it felt like an “okay” jump. Then, as I was swimming back to the boat, I heard Rob Groen announce that it was a 20.9 meter jump. I was extremely happy and my confidence level went up.

My next two jumps were pretty much crappy, but after I jumped, Ben Franks jumped a 20.9 meter jump as well! Ben and I tied for second place and Evert Aartson got first!

From the time I started jumping to the time it was over, it had been the most exciting and stressful 30 minutes I’ve ever had! Overall, I had the best time skiing and hanging out with my friends from all over the world!

Chandler Cargile

New Qualifying Scores for the 2012 Barefoot Worlds

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The World Barefoot Council has released new qualifying scores for independent barefoot water skiers who plan to compete in the 2012 Barefoot Worlds.  The Worlds will be held at the Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, Texas from August 26 (Opening ceremony) to September 2, 2012.

From the IWWF website: Qualifying scores must be achieved in an IWWF / WBC Homologated Tournament (Rankings List or Record Capability) during the qualification period:    March 1, 2011 – July 30, 2012 Here are the new qualifying scores:

Qualifying Scores for Independent Entries – 2012 World Championships

The following minimum performances for each division and event are required for independent entries to the 2012 World Barefoot Championships.

*** NOTE: These scores were revised on March 27th, 2012 to reflect the standards set on the 2012 World Ranking List (lower)

MENS                                                                    WOMENS

SLALOM           15.5                                            SLALOM           10.4

TRICKS             4800                                           TRICKS             1750

JUMP               22.2                                              JUMP               9

BOYS                                                                     GIRLS

SLALOM            7.8                                              SLALOM           2.6

TRICKS             1330                                            TRICKS             410

JUMP               8                                                     JUMP               8

GENTLEMEN                                                     LADIES

SLALOM           14                                                   SLALOM             1.9

TRICKS             2400                                             TRICKS             130

JUMP               11.2                                                 JUMP               8

Written by: Karen Putz