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Recovering After a Barefoot Injury

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
As you might know last August I dislocated my shoulder on jumping, it happened in Texas during the the team training, 2 days before the world’s began. Such a frustration after months of getting ready for the biggest competition of the next 2 years, travelling that far from my country to be injured on the first set. Even if I could not plan what would happen, that would have to be the worst experience as a skier, so much invested time for nothing. Instead of pain what’s kills me more was seeing all those peoples that you met all along your trainings and travels skiing and enjoying there tournament as a skier, and I was just beside them couldn’t do anything but watching.

Back home many poeples were sorry for me. But after that I just had to wait for things to get better.. 6 weeks later I was able to start a physiotherapy to recover, 4 times a week I used to go to get back in a good shape for 3 months. When the physiotherapy  had finished, the skiing season was already done so I couldn’t “test” my shoulder for a while. So far my goal was to get back in shape and make my shoulder stronger but what could I do until the season began? I used to practice in winter times as rugby and gymnastic where forbidden. But I couldn’t wait anymore, I just needed to move so I chose to go back on gym to keep a descent physical activity and it would permit me to find my limits.
After a couple training sessions I was still feeling pain on my shoulder and gymnastic crave a lot on this, but the more I was going and the more I practice I was feeling better and better so I keep going and looked forward to barefoot. Then I enforced the training and started to work out more and more meanwhile the barefoot season started.

I’m in Florida for two weeks now and I didn’t have the opportunity to ski before I come here because of the very long winter we had in Europe.  I feel so good to ski after an eight-month break, even if I keep having pains sometimes. I don’t give up and manage with it, the most important thing now is I focus on for this year and next Worlds that I don’t want to miss this time!

Clement Maillard