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Alabama River Barefoot Challenge Race Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Monday, September 12th, 2011


Charles Norrell 334‐514‐7287 or 334‐399‐7384

Friday, September 30 6:30 pm Dinner & Meeting @ Dreamland BBQ

Saturday, October 1 6:45 am Launch Boats 7:30 am Race Begins 11:00 am – 12:00 noon Awards Ceremony 12:00 noon cookout and party on the riverfront 1 pm – 5 pm Impromptu Figure 8 and other exhibitions 7:00 pm Dinner @ Cantina Restaurant

Team Entry fee: $150 USA Waterski Membership is required!!! *A Guest Membership is $40/person and covers you for any Grassroots event, clinic, or tournament for a full year* Please make checks payable to CBWSST and mail to 2835 Titus Road, Titus, AL 36080


Embassy Suites, 300 Tallapoosa St., Montgomery, AL Call 1‐800‐EMBASSY for reservations or

The riverfront and the restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel.

Directions to the riverfront and the hotel:

Directions from the hotel to the Boat ramp:

*Map of the 55 mile Race Course, Hotel, Restaurants and tunnel to Riverwalk:

This year’s race is not only divided into two divisions (Open and Pro), it also has two separate starting locations and separate turnarounds, with a significantly shorter course option for the novice racers.Open Division

Course Distance: about 38 miles

Any team with an inboard or outboard ski boat can compete in the Open Division. These boats will start about 2 miles upriver from the pavilion, ahead of the Pro Division, giving them clean water off the start, and time to spread out a little before the Pro Division boats catch up. This also gives them cleaner water once they are behind the Pro boats since everyone will be more spread out, with less convergence and more time to dissipate. Turnaround is at the river/canal split to the Bouldin Dam (where the big Danger sign is).

Pro Division

Course Distance: 55 miles

All teams with Ski Pros must compete in the Pro Division, but ANY team with any boat and the need to pummel themselves for 55 miles can compete in this division. (See the Google Map link on this page for the full course).

The Start

Both divisions start the race at the same time, though the Open boats will be about 2 miles up river.

Gas Stop

All boats in both divisions are required to stop for 5 minutes at their respective turnarounds, whether they need gas or not. Race organizers will provide a judge/timer at the turnaround.

Finish at the Pavilion

Both divisions will finish at the pavilion in downtown Montgomery (also the start point for the Pro divi- sion). The challenge to all teams is to try to stay in front of, or to pass, the other division on the way back.

Anytime Fitness Tour Hit’s up Angola, Indiana

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Angola, Indiana

For the 2nd year in a row we stopped in Angola and skied with a fun group of skiers.  First up Brian McMillian you may know him as buckhead he is the organizer for the Buckethead Race held in Indiana.  Brian worked on backwards one foot one hands and accomplished a few back toe holds.  Surface turns are in Brian’s future, keep working position on the shoes.

Working on the Surface Turns

 Last year we had the pleasure of teaching Brian’s wife Cara Mcmillian to barefoot on the boom her smile was priceless.  This year we missed Cara but we congratulate this couple and wish them the best at starting a family!

Ben Morgan had an injury the first year we did a clinic.  Finally we were able to see his skills on the water.  Ben has a natural abilty and nice positioning on the water. A first for Ben this week was a front to back on the WBC shoe skis.  Nice job!

Back one foot one hand!

Ben’s lovely better half Audra Morgan also skied the clinic.  Audra has been working on her front toe holds and they are coming along.  Her new trick is soon to be a back one foot on her bare feet! 

Determined!!! We love that!

Front One Foot

 Ben’s younger brother Chris Morgan came out to join us for the day.  Chris worked his front one foots and tumbles and with just a few tips for his backwards barefooting form and all will be smooth:)

Front Ones on Trainers

 Keith Farmer has been an avid footer for years.  Keith worked on his back one foot one hands!

O Yeah!

Dan Melton and his daughter came out to watch for a bit.  Next year we hope to see you both out there getting your feet wet.  Thank you all for participating we enjoy seeing you and your progress.