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Alexis McCauley: My First Nationals

Saturday, November 29th, 2014


The 2012 U.S. Barefoot Waterski National Championships was held in Waco, Texas at the Barefoot Ski Ranch. The drive from Ohio was about twenty-one hours.

We arrived early the first day for sight familiarization around 8:00 AM. We sat on the start dock gazing down the lake. After about 15 minutes, my dad tells me to look and see Keith St. Onge riding a bike down the bike path. Once he got to the dock, he introduced himself to us. He shook his hands with us and he said it was great seeing us barefoot waterski as a family. My whole family was there my dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, and Aunt Tina. Keith asked if it was ok for him to take a practice run and we said absolutely. Watching Keith was really awesome, he was so smooth and flawless.

We then all skied out our practice runs. I was having a great time meeting people from all around the country and world. I skied my passes and was able to get another personal best score in tricks and slalom.

At the banquet I received a 2nd place medal. I was able to meet Ashleigh Stebbings and Swampy for the first time. Now they are both of my coach’s at WBC. Looking back to the 2012 Nationals, it had opened my eyes to bigger dreams.

Alexis McCauley




German and Austrian Barefoot Nationals

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

The 2013 German and Austrian Nationals took place in Wallsee, Austria. We had a great week of training with perfect conditions  before the competition started. The tournament started on Friday the 9th of August and ended on Saturday evening. We first started with slalom and afterwards tricks. The conditions weren´t really good so we had to wait for the next day to ski the second round of tricks slalom and jumping. The next day it was still a little bit windy, but it was good enough to ski the second round of tricks and slalom. In the evening, the wind stopped and the water was good for jumping.

I hit a new PB with my first ever landed invert jump in a tournament (18.9m) and could get the third place in the international competition behind Stefan Wimmer (25.3m) and Lukas Heiss (21.6m). After we finished the tournament we held the award ceremony in a restaurant near the river. In the German valuation I received second place in jumping,  third place in tricks and fourth place in slalom.

Best wishes

Kenny Eissler

RV’ing Our Way to the Barefoot Nationals

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The Jones family took to the road from the Midwest to Waco, Texas to experience our first Barefoot Nationals!  After a summer filled with training and dedication to the sport, my dream of skiing at nationals was finally within my reach.  It was not without a great amount of preparation to make this happen.

The five of us plus our dog, “Malibu”, headed out on a sweltering August day on our first RV trip– heading to the even hotter Texas.  We were hyped to spend a week engrossed in our favorite pastime: “barefooting”.    And we were not disappointed!  We traveled 14 hours to and from our destination.  We slept overnight in Wal-Mart parking lots (thanks to a tip from Keith St. Onge).

We ate together, played together, and experienced the scenery together.  The people were nice, the Barefoot Ski Ranch was fabulous, and the entire family had the experience of a lifetime.  The outcome was beyond my expectations both on and off the water!  For this year, the distance is greater, the expectations are higher, and I am excited for the CHALLENGE!

Let the fun begin!

Corey Jones

Banana George Blair “The Banana Man”

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

George Blair otherwise know as “Banana George” has been around longer than most people dream of. He was a successful business man from New York in his early years. As he approached his forties, his lower back began to give him pain. He visited the doctor’s office and the doctor suggested he try water skiing for exercise in hopes to loosen it up. George decided to do just that and began skiing in a local water ski club.

He was famous for using a wooden disk to ski on. He would bring a step ladder out with him while balancing on the disk. He then slowly set the ladder up and began climbing as he was pulled behind the boat. The crowd watched in excitement as he got close to the top, sat down and began to un-peel a banana. This was the story he told me personally and now you know how he came to be known as “Banana George.”

I first met the “Man in Yellow” at my first barefoot water ski National tournament in Piqua, Ohio. He was more than friendly as he threw bananas into the bleachers. My dad made me sit down with Banana George as he signed my hat, and I thank my dad for the great memory he captured! I was ten years old, which made George 73 years old at the time.

The Banana man came to our regional championship and I was able to get another autograph and a few bananas out of the back of his trunk. I told George many years later, “I get called ‘St. Orange’ quite often– and I may start handing out oranges soon!” He laughed. That’s one thing I love about him, when he laughs it goes on forever…you can feel it go right to your bones and automatically begin laughing with him.

I began to see George ever year since then and was lucky enough to have him award me the 2006 Banana George Blair Barefoot Waterskier of the Year.

As time went by, we became good friends and went skiing a few times with one another. I had dinner with Banana, his wife, JoAnn and Kuno as I was awarded the IWSF Male Athlete of the Year award.

George also donated one of his bright yellow barefoot suits to the World Barefoot Center! Thank you, George, from the WBC Gang!

Interviewing George on his 90th Birthday

2007 with Banana giving the OK symbol

George is the only man that has barefoot water skied on every continent, was the founder of the “Bike” cup and has the largest privately owned collection of Mercury (God) in the world. Those are just a few fun facts about the Banana man.

His birthday is coming up in January and he will be 97 years old. I wish him all the best and thank him for a great friendship! We love you George & JoAnn!
By: Keith St.Onge / Orange

Watch the Barefoot Nationals Live on the WBC Site

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The Barefoot Nationals at the Barefoot Ski Ranch can be viewed live on the World Barefoot Center website:  World Barefoot Center.   You can also follow the action on Twitter under #barefoot11 hashtag.  Updates are also posted on the World Barefoot Center Facebook page.

To see the skier’s order: 2011 Nationals Skier Order.

Follow the Action at Barefoot Nationals

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Follow World Barefoot Center on TwitterFollow World Barefoot Center on Facebook

The gang from the World Barefoot Center is heading down to Waco, Texas for the 2011 Barefoot Nationals.  Stay tuned to @WorldBarefootCN on Twitter and World Barefoot Center on Facebook for updates, pictures and a peek at the fun!

We will be using the hashtag, #barefoot11 in our tweets for the Barefoot Nationals.   Not sure what a hashtag is?  You can read more here:  What is a Hashtag?