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Lauren St. Onge: Barefoot Water Ski Competition

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

After the Worlds Championships in Mulwala, Australia Keith and I travel around Australia teaching barefoot clinics.  I have the pleasure of meeting numerous people and skiing with them at their home ski sites.  It was a wonderful experience!  Through my conversations with many of the new barefooters I have discovered a common negative thoughts towards competitions and uneasy feelings.

I am writing this to clarify a few things, not only for the Aussies but for everyone around the world who enjoys the sport.  PLEASE don’t be intimidated by the title. To be honest barefoot tournaments (for the majority) are an opportunity to be scored by judges and to better your own skiing, compared to where you started or your previous score.  If you can do a barefoot start and ski behind the boat, that is 50 points!  Lifting one hand off the handle to wave at the judges is 10 points.  Sitting down and standing back up is 20 points.  Are you getting it?  Many of you are more than qualified to ski a competition and I encourage you to do so.

Did you know for slalom you are allowed do two forwards passes?  I overheard a new skier claim he wasn’t good enough because he wasn’t consistent on his back deeps therefore he couldn’t enter slalom.  GO FORWARD 2x!  Work your way up to a forward and backwards pass.

Most of the videos posted on YouTube are of high-level skiers, this is by no means what you should compare yourself to when starting to ski.

Test it out!  Enter, ski, learn, and have fun.  Keith St. Onge preaches that the more tournaments you ski the better off you will be.  Each competition will give you more knowledge of what to expect the next time and you will excel, I promise!

The judges are helpful and friendly (well most of them, hehe) Let them and others know it is your first time, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you any way they can.  Our sport is diminishing and the fear of comps are not helping.  Get your bum out there and have some fun!
Lauren St. Onge

Filippo Ribaldone: Brielle Open Barefoot Competition

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

During the second weekend of august I had the opportunity to go in Holland in Brielle to ski in another great competition and see all my good friends from all around Europe. I met Evert Aartsen, Jr.  at the airport of Amsterdam and together we been to Rob Mollencamp’s house to spend the night before going at the site.

On the second day, we met all the other skiers, Stefan Wimmer,  Kennet Eissler, Lavinia Eissler, and Lukas Eissler. I was so happy to spend some days with them.
The lake in Brielle is so good, we did the Europeans and Africans there last year, but I think 2013 was even better because we were all staying in the same hostel. It was so much fun.
Was a great competiton.  Evert did his PB in trick 5700 and everyone pushed really hard to have PB in jump…but it didn’t happen ahahaha
I think best jump was from Stefan and Evert both over 25 and then me with 24 but nobody landed 😉  The final result?  Evert first with 20.6 and me third with 19.9.
I love skiing with all this great guys from Europe…and I hope next year we will have a lot more competition like that.

Filippo Ribaldone

Jerry Kanawyer: Why I Continue to Barefoot Competitively

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

At the age of 50, I have been competing since 1987. Wow, that’s 36 years, I must be getting old, LOL. I have also competed in every Nationals since 1987 , with the exception of 1995, due to an illness in which I was bed ridden. I still have the drive to continue to improve my scores. As long as I can keep improving I will keep competing.

As I grow older, there’s one person that stays in my mind, that’s Don Mcfeters. Don was one person who knew how to ski and improve in his later years. In his 70’s he was able to continue to improve his scores. He slalomed in the 12’s and tricked in the 1500’s. Don Mcfeters is an amazing man. He would take a fall that would have hurt most people, but he would jump up and go for another pass, like it didn’t bother him. He’s a joy to be around, one of the nicest person you would ever meet.

Getting started with Barefoot Competitions

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

How do I start competing in Barefoot Water Skiing tournaments?

To start competing in Bare foot Water-Skiing tournaments is simple enough. All you have to do is sign up to the AWSA (American Water-ski Association), find where the nearest barefooting competition is near you this summer, and fill out an application online at and you are good to go!!

How do I sign up?

To sign up and join the AWSA (American Water-ski Association) is simple enough, simply go to and select the online sign-up option, then follow the instructions and you’re there!

Where are the Barefoot Water Skiing tournaments?

Barefoot waterskiing tournaments are all over America, and can be broken down and located in 5 “Regions”: The Midwest, The West, The East, The South Central, and The South. Each of these regions hold their own regional tournaments, as well as smaller tournaments within each of their regions. For more information on up and coming tournaments near you, visit the (AWSA) American Barefoot Water-ski Club website, or click on the link below.

What is a trick run?

A trick run is a combination of two passes, where the objective is to do as many tricks as you can in 15 seconds. Each trick is given a certain amount of points, with more points being awarded for more difficult tricks. You also are given points on the start method you do at the start of each pass, with more points being given for a harder start. Click on the link below to see the 2011 Rule book, with scores for each trick on the last pages

Or, to view some world record trick runs from the last few years by World Champions Keith St. Onge and David Small, check out the link below.

How does the slalom event work?

The slalom event works the same as the trick event, where you have two passes each with 15 seconds. This time however, instead of doing as many tricks as you can you must cross the wake, back and forth (Similar to slalom skiing on a ski), as many times as you can on 1 foot in 15 seconds. You have one pass to ski forwards, and one pass to ski backwards. If your foot lifted touches the water, you are only given a 0.5 point value for that crossing.

How good do I have to be to Barefoot Water ski?

If you can stand on two feet, and have fun doing it, then you’re good enough! Anyone can Barefoot Water-ski and you don’t have to be a particular age to learn either-WBC Staff member and skier Judy Myers is 68 years young and still going strong to this day!!

Where can I find a bare foot suit?

These days, barefoot waterskiing wet suits are generally quite easy to come by, there are a lot of stores online you can order from, including Lake Elmo Sports, who has been a strong and reliable dealer for all things skiing for years now! Check them out at online for a wet-suit today at or take a look our range of equipment on our online pro shop today at for the World ‘s best barefoot wetsuits – worn and skied in by the World Champions from the last 10 years!!