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Surface Turns 101

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

I love teaching front one foots and toe holds to students even though most of them are afraid of those tricks.  The number one goal for most barefoot water skiers are surface turns.  When I hear people tell me their goal is to turn, I instantly preach the two most important tricks you will ever learn forward are front toeholds and the most important tricks you will learn backwards are back toeholds.  The reason being is because all surface turns are done on one foot.  In other words the one-foot you will be turning on will act as your pivot foot and axis point.  If you are not 100% on front toes and back toes on shoe skis or your bare feet then you are not ready to turn.  
Can people do turns without learning front and back toe holds you may ask?  Absolutely but they will most likely be doing them wrong and will develop bad habits along the way.  Once they figure out they are doing them wrong or have taken countless falls doing so it will be extremely difficult to learn them the correct way.  We have seen hard-core students work on correcting their turns for months and have a tough time doing so.  Like we tell our students at the World Barefoot Center…this is our professional opinion…we cannot make you do it but our system is proven to work! ~Keith St. Onge