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Filippo Ribaldone: Back on the Water

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Photo by Timo Harju

Finally, after a long winter on the snow in the middle of April, I got back on the water. This winter was impossible for me to ski or even go to Florida because I did a course to become a snowboard teacher. It was a 1 season long course with no free time and 3 exams at the end.  The course was really helpful for me because it gave me knowledge not just about snowboard techniques but also athlete preparation theory, sport psychology, and motivation, safety and a lot of other interesting things.  Finally, I successfully passed the exam.

This year, I started with a different preparation on the water, thanks to the Italian Waterski Federation. We moved the boat in a very big lake called Viverone, this gave me te opportunity to start the season with some good bases i been doing set of 4 slalom passes, the good thing? every passes was soo long like 5 time a normal pass, and i was also skin in my lake the Waterski KLI in Ravenna, this combination for me was pretty good cos now i physically feels really good and gave me the opportunity to find out how to slide better on water and go back to the 2mt pole in stead of the high fly for back slalom which it make me goes faster.

Right now we took the boat back to the Italian Waterski Federation center in Recetto where the condition are always good and monday I’m gonna start jumping and tricking. I never enjoyed slalom, but now that I learned more about it I start to like it soo much. It is technical, fast, powerful  and also you to kind of edge change, is kind of carving and I love it. (ok, not as much as jumping :)

This season is gonna be fun as always, we got Italian National 12/13 of july, Scandinavian open in Norway, E&A’s in Austria and a competition in Holland.

Now everything is getting ready and fun for the new season, and I’m glad to feel that finally summer is arrived!

Filippo Ribaldone