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Georgia Groen: The Turning Point, 2010 World Championship

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

In 2010, I attended my 2nd World Championships at 14 years old. These world championships were held in Germany and were a huge turning point for my future in the sport. The Germany Worlds was a really cool experience as it was made to be very spectator friendly so there was always something to do or watch. I remember the first week of training was just terrible. The Open men from the New Zealand team couldn’t even do a toe hold–the water was that rough.  They reverted to making the tow rope twice as long and did tumble turns in the middle of the wake. You can imagine how little 14 year me was thinking, if the best skiers in NZ were struggling with the basics how was I meant to? However the day the competition started, the water turned and I had good water the whole time.

This World Championship was the first time I got a world medal, I remember just before leaving New Zealand my parents and friends told me, “If you were to medal, tricks would be your best shot”. I ended up getting silver in Junior Girls slalom and Junior Girls Jump, First in Junior Girls Tricks, 3rd Overall in Junior Girls, and I helped the New Zealand Junior team receive a bronze medal for the first time in a long time. These results were way, way better than I thought I would go and it gave me the feeling of success.  This feeling was really the turning point for me in the sport. After the Worlds, I knew that I wanted to be the best and now I am ranked 2nd in the world!

Looking back its cool to see how far I have come since those Worlds and see how the hard work paid off.

By: Georgia Groen