Struggling on the Water? Take a Break

dani tipping on water

My toughest trick to learn so far was the reverse front to back. I can’t even remember
how many years I tried and failed to get it. It takes 2 hands to count how many different
coaches I frustrated, and I don’t even want to think of all the different ways people tried
to explain it too me. Season after season I showed no improvement, it was just not
happening. I even started devising future trick runs excluding reverse front to backs
because I had started to accept dejectedly that I was never going to succeed, no matter
how hard I tried, worked, practiced, or envisioned.

When at last I began to improve and eventually got the trick, it was after a long period
of not barefooting at all. Complete abstinence. I had gone to school abroad and wasn’t
able to ski at all until holidays and it was this break that helped me clear my mind of
past bad habits, and start afresh.

There are many different ways to learn a trick, but in my mind it is always good to
remember that sometimes, you need to take a step back and take a break from a trick
before you can master it. This isn’t to say if you don’t get a new trick right away quit and,
it will come to you the next time you try, no. New tricks always take work, practice and
probably, a lot of falls. However if you find yourself repeating things improperly until the
wrong ways start to become habits, stop. Take a break, step back, and come back to it
later. Take it from a girl who almost gave up; your impossible trick is definitely possible.
Maybe you just need to look at it with a fresh outlook and an open mind.

Good luck!

-Dani Tipping

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