Stefan Wimmer: My First Experience as a Sponsored Skier


Ben and Ted picked me up from the airport and we arrived at the WBC around 10 pm. I met Swampy, and Ben quickly showed me around the house where I would stay for the next three weeks. Later on, we talked about my skiing – what level I am on right now, and what I want to learn. Before I went to bed, I started to get nervous because Swampy says to me “Let’s see tomorrow what you can do on the water.”

The morning started really good. I met the other team members and we all ate breakfast together. I felt really good to be here with all these other skiers from all over the world, to train with them. I enjoyed every single minute spent with them.

At 8 o’clock we went out for the first set and I started to get nervous again, because I wanted to impress Swampy and the other team members with my skiing. The first set was really good, because I did my skiiing well and enjoyed being back on the water. The next two days I went out with Ben, just to be on the water and get my feeling back. We did a lot of basics on the shoes, and some on my feet.

A few days later, we started to work on my skiing to get up to the next level, if it was Slalom, Tricks or Jump, Swampy, David, Keith and Ben would all put some pressure on me to see if I could pass. At the begining it was really hard to get over my fear and to trust my skiing, but at the end of each day, I was happy with my skiing and my mental strength continued to grow. I had a lot of challenges on the water, and it pushed me to my limit!!

Barefooting is not an easy sport so I had good and bad days, my skiing was on and off. When I had bad days and nothing worked on the water the way I wanted, I always had my goals and idols in my mind which kept me motivated.



In those three weeks I learnt so much about Barefooting, and those guys pushed me to the next level of my skiing. Since I have been a skier of the World Barefoot Center, I have learnt to get over my fears, and challenge myself on the water. I am really proud to be part of the greatest Water ski school in the World.

Stefan Wimmer

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