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My last blog was an attempt to de-mystify the parents (and their reasoning skills) of kids involved in extreme sports, like bare footing. Are these parents just laxidasial in their parenting skills? Or just unaware of the dangers? Maybe the pride they feel over shadows the dangers in their mind.

All though my husbands favorite and over used line is “Ahhh they’ll be all right”, I must admit that none of the above senerios fit our situation. The truth is (drumroll please)… we rely our son’s skills, judgement and his coaches to keep him from making errors that would lead him to an unsafe ending.

Studying a new skill by watching the pros is a great way to become an expert. And with today’s technology, slow motion videos, understudies can break down step by step the correct and incorrect paths to greatness. Ubersense is a great app for analyzing video frame by frame. My father-in-law, Alick Gerard who is also studying the sport of bare footing, turned me on to a book titled The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle. This book is an easy read listing 52 scientifically proven methods for improving skills. The skills can be in any field; sports, music, art, math, business. These steps are the direct result of Coyle “reporting from the world’s greatest talent hotbeds and interviews with successful master coaches.” And guess what Step #1 is in this little red book? Stare At Who You Want To Become. Doesn’t that make a ton of sense! He is telling us to saturate our mind with images of the experts in the field we are studying. To stare means to watch intensely with your eyes wide open for a long period of time. Most people do not have the good fortune to practice with the pros but with the help of YouTube and numerous videos on the web, analyzing the pros is possible and in Coyle’s world it is number one when rising to the next level.

If your skill happens to be bare footing like my son, Jackson Gerard, you actually CAN learn from best in the world. At World Barefoot Center in Winter Haven Florida, hands on training is their specialty and they WILL help you improve your skill level no matter how experience or inexperience you are. The top five world champions are coaches at World Barefoot Center. You will learn from the best. Pack up your GoPro camera and your Little Book of Talent and join me in sunny Central Florida. You can stare at the pros all day long and analyze the experience with the team all night. By the way, when the barefooters aren’t on the water, head coach Gary “Swampy” Buchard, has them analyzing video on the big screen. Coyle must have interviewed Master Swampy for his little red book.

Joni W Gerard, Mom to Jackson Gerard

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