Satisfied Skiers at the World Barefoot Center

Jim Mondl and his son, Nick, spent a day at the World Barefoot Center and shared a review over at Moomba Boards: (reprinted with permission)

My 14 year old son & I just returned from a day at World Barefoot Center in Winter Haven, FL. If you have any interest in barefooting, and a few dollars to blow on yourself, go there. WBC is a barefoot school run by world champions Keith St. Onge and David Small, with their coach “Swampy” there as well. Keith spent the morning with us, getting Nick up on his deep water starts for the 1st time ever, and me doing a toe hold and backward barefooting for the 1st time ever. Nick then spent the afternoon with kids his age (Brody and Derek) who are sponsored athletes at WBC. What a day. We would have spent our entire summers working on the basics of those moves, with many painful falls in the process, but instead learned them the right way. Also, many of the budding barefoot contenders train there, so we spent a lot of time hanging with those guys, who were extremely friendly. No egos involved. I am very pumped about barefooting more this summer (of course, I already was before going to Winter Haven). Whether you never barefooted before or already have some basics figured out, they will treat you well and teach you whatever you want to learn. One day of instruction was probably worth many weeks of trying to figure things out on my own. Many fond memories were generated that day.
“Nick’s interest in barefooting skyrocketed after our trip to the World Barefoot Center,” said Jim.  “He was interested in barefooting before, having stepped off a ski a couple of times last summer on the boom and short line, but he is pumped about barefooting now.  The fact that he owns a new KSO barefoot suit probably helps; he seems especially enamored with that.   His goal this summer is to participate in the Figure 8 tournament at Lake St. Louis in August. All we need now is summer!”
Jim has only one regret about his trip to the World Barefoot Center:  “I wish I took more pictures!” he said.

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