Sam Meredith: Pre-Training Before Going to the World Barefoot Center


As I plan my next trip to train at The World Barefoot Center, I nervously wonder if the long British winter off skiing will leave my body in bits after the first couple of days of hard training in Florida. Along with trying to get some water time on the build up to the training camp, which might help prepare my feet for the long skiing sets, I have also be changing my fitness routine and making it as specific to barefooting as possible.

Conditioning your body before hard training at WBC involves high intense workouts and strength building concentrating on core, balance, back arms and legs. These can be broken up into three workouts which will help muscle fatigue due to lactic acid build up so when training your muscles are used to high intense working.

Interval circuits
I have been doing this workout circuit three times a week for approximately a month increasing the intensity each time and changing the exercises between the sprint, and found fitness, strength and endurance increased dramatically. Before commencing complete a warm up either a steady jog or cross trainer or rowing machine for 15 minutes. Each circuit takes 15-20 minutes and are as follows:
Note: in-between each exercise a 2 minute sprint on a treadmill or outside, this must be completed immediately following the circuit exercise no rest. Keep the intensity very high (15kph if possible).
1. Clean and jerk with press using 30kg+ must be completed correctly insuring good posture is maintained throughout. (20 repetitions)
2. Bent over row using 20kg+ again correct posture is a must to avoid back injury legs stay straight bending from the hips keeping the back straight. (30 repetitions)
3. Wide armed pull-ups (20 repetitions)
4. Close grip pull-ups (20 repetitions)
5. Press-ups (30 reptitions)
6. Body weight dips (20 reptitions)
7. Jump squats (50 repetitions)
8. Burpee pressup box jumps – complete a burpee pressup holding on to two 10kg dumbbells and jump up and down onto a raised platform each time (20 repetitions)
There needs to be at least 8 exercises in the circuit but varying the exercises or replacing them with an alternative exercise will help prevent your body getting used to routine.
If you have not been on the rowing machine for you warm up then I would advise adding in a rowing station.

Balance training

To help improve balance and control I complete these exercises on a bosu ball using no weight to begin with then increasing the weight as you improve. Ensure the bosu is fully inflated.
Stand on the bosu with your feet approx shoulder width apart squat keeping your back straight and bend your knees to 90®, keep the weight light you want to be completing at least 20 repetition the more your legs muscles fatigue the more your balance is tested.
The bosu can also be use for press-ups, throwing and catching exercises and for one leg stand ups.

Abdominals and Core
It is vital to have a strong core if you are serious about your waterskiing. If you can’t get consistent ski time on the water, which will naturally strengthen your core, then there are plenty of exercises you can do to improve it.
After completing my high intense training and balance work I always leave 10-20 minutes for an abs blast. My favourite way to train my core is also in the style of a circuit as I can keep my abs under constant strain trough a variety of exercises. My core routine is constantly changing as it is important to keep your body guessing however I will share a favourite workout of mine.
First I complete some wood choppers on the cables or do some TRX work to warm up, then I complete the following circuit 3 times:
-30 seconds of V-sits
-30 seconds of leg raises
-30 seconds of strait leg situps
-1 minute plank
-10 hanging leg raises (hold on to the pull up bar, keep legs straight and raise them up towards head by flexing at the hip)

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