Sam Meredith: My WBC Experience

I had first had a go at barefooting back in September 2012. I found a sport that I really enjoyed and found barefooting very challenging. I really wanted to improve my skiing after having a taste of barefooting. Dave Small invited me to take a three week holiday to the World Barefoot Center over Christmas and New year.

Before going out to WBC, my tricks consisted of basic one foots and tumbles on a 10ft line. Within the first day of skiing at the WBC, I had completed both basic and reverse one foots comfortably and had completed a few longline passes using the same tricks. The coaches made it easy to learn– instilling confidence. Just by listening to them and transferring it to the water, my tricks improved rapidly. wWithin the first week, I had completed both toeholds and had got up backwards on the short line on my feet.

I spent a lot of time in the boat watching some of the advanced barefooters which helped, by observing and listening to the tuition they were receiving. By the end of the third week, I became solid on my basic tricks and completing both basic and reverse toe holds on either side of the wake. After what seemed an impossible task at first, I got up backwards behind the boat. I also had a set of jumping directly from the bar. After a few sets of barefooting backwards–I performed backwards toe holds, both basic and reverse on the short line with shoe skis.

For my last day, Swampy set up a challenge for my set: to ski and complete 25 toe holds and 5 back deeps. Failure was not an option. Both my toe holds and back deeps got progressively better throughout the set.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had and would recommend it to anyone.

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