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It is fast approaching that time of year when I will be climbing aboard that big air bus in the sky for a short 9 hour flight to visit team WBC in Winter haven Florida… and I can’t wait! After a long winter of nothing but dry land training and ski videos, it is safe to say I am feeling both excited and nervous. I know that I have conditioned my body well but surely no amount of gym training can truly make you ski fit and prepare you enough mentally for that first set!? As this is my first season of training I have also experienced my first ‘off season’ and I have heard that the first set of the season is always a bit sketchy. Could this partly be down to confidence??

There are many things that I learnt at the World Barefoot Center both on and off the water. I feel that by sitting in the boat and watching the coaches work their magic I picked up both training tips and gained a greater understanding of how to get the best out of a performer. I watched Ben, Ash, Keith and Dave each push the students in a variety of different ways, which all gave them the same intention of giving each student the confidence they need to achieve their goals. I observed the coaches use an array of techniques to push the students out of their comfort zones whilst giving each of them achievable targets to allow for lots of success on their way to achieving a much bigger goal. A person’s perception of their own ability is said to be unstable and thus changeable. Therefore, these achievable tasks are good for confidence which in turn have a positive effect on performance. People with high self confidence tend to seek challenges and preserve with tasks. The psychology of feeling confident means that you contribute success to internal factors such as ability and effort. These attributions in turn elevate confidence and increase the expectation of success. Self confidence can, therefore, exert a powerful influence on performance by raising the expectation of success.

Whilst thinking about my pending trip across the pond I remind myself that I need to arrive there in the right frame of mind to maximise my own performance. I need to remain confident that I will reach my goals and believe that I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. Confidence influences motivation and is therefore a factor that determines the decision to give your best in a particular skill/trick. For this reason I intend on attacking every challenge given to me at WBC with the belief that I will be successful in one form or another. You become competent in specific skills when you develop a positive self belief that you can excel in that specific skill/trick.

‘They can do all because they think they can’ – virgil

By: Sam Meredith

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