RC Gerstad: The Miracle in the Madness

When I grew up we always had the lake right in our back yard. It was the first place I learned to swim, it was where I first learned how to ski, it was where I first learned how to ice skate and I could go on and on like a nostalgic old man reliving his “Good ol’ Days”, it wasn’t until recently that I really understood how much being around water skiing has developed me as an individual.

It wasn’t always fun and games though when I was little my parents had a rule that we weren’t allowed to tube unless we each had taken a turn working on our skills in water skiing. Well as a kid tubing was probably one of the greatest things known to man, so it was only natural that we did our very best skiing to make sure we got the best tubing experience my parents could throw at us. As I grew older I started to become wearisome of tubing and it wasn’t long before our tube was only coming out when my sister or I had company over. The next thing I knew I was the one waking my parents up to take me skiing… not the other way around like it use to be. Every morning last summer I was up at sunrise make my morning work out a nice half hour barefoot training session.

Recently, did I come across this realization that the mind set that my parents put me in, the mind set of work first and play second, is the same mind set that I have used in almost every aspect of my life. It really is amazing how many life lessons an individual can learn from the sport of water skiing in general. Here are just a few that I really feel have made huge impacts on my life:

When you fall you should get back up and try again.

The boat is bigger than you so don’t try to pull it.

The more you up the stakes the higher the reward but risk also increases.

Always make sure mom knows that you weren’t the one being taken away in the ambulance.

Just because you can show off doesn’t mean you should.

There are so many more lessons that I have learned and that I appreciate but to truly understand stand all the lessons that water skiing has to offer I would recommend just going out and skiing. Oh and the most important lesson of all everything is more enjoyable with friends.

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