PGA Tournament

The PGA Tournament took place in Port St. Lucie, Florida on May 14th.   Many firsts occurred this day and the WBC is proud to share the good news!

Chandler Cargile a WBC Sponsored Athlete competed in his very first tournament! Chandler not only had the support of his parents Beth and Mark Cargile but also a large portion of the WBC Team.  All eleven team members filled the dock and shoreline cheering Candler on!

New Zealand footers should stand proud today, Ben Groen tricked a potential New Zealand national record of 8,200.  All the hard work is paying off for this young kiwi.

We like to call him “Frenchy” but he is better known as Ben Lafance from Montreal, Canada.  Ben has been training at the WBC for 3.5 months and his scores show his improvement.  In tricks Ben went from 2,400 to a whopping 5,600!! Slalom 11.8 to 14! Hats off to you!

Did you know that only 4 people in the world have ever tricked over 10,000 points?  Today AJ Porecca bumped that statistic up to 5.  AJ tricked 10,100! The amazement doesn’t stop there; AJ has a new PB (personal best) in slalom of 16.4. Way to go AJ!

Florida’s finest young lady Carol Jackson had success today and scored a new PB in slalom. We are looking forward to seeing more PB’s this summer!

Lauren Lane Lindeman soon to be St. Onge from Chicago, IL. Today Lauren accomplished her first back one foot wakes that busted her old PB by a mile!

Your current World Champion David Small from the UK put some great scores on the board.  Fans from the UK that has skied at the WBC last week were cheering him on!

Bringing Barefoot Waterskiing to the Next Level

Brian Hetherington had a goal of tricking 8,000 points and he accomplished it with ease!  Brian posted at score of 8,100, awesome job!

Only men and boys can do surface turns! YEAH RIGHT! Lisa Pressendo scored her first back to front and barely missed a front to back.  Once again busting her personal best! Keep it up Lisa!

For the first time in history 13,000 points in tricks was possible.  David Small and Keith St. Onge have been pushing each other during practice over the past few months.  Once again the tricking level has been brought to a new level.  Today Keith St. Onge scored 13,100! Congratulations Keith!

These WBC Sponsored Athletes couldn’t have done it without the one and only Swampy Bouchard.  His phenomenal coaching and his knack for numbers and trick runs are appreciated by every one of the team members.  Thank you Swampy for your support and encouragement.

WBC Team Work

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