Lizzie Rhea: The 2014 Jim Boyette Southern Regional Tournament

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I had so much fun competing in the Jim Boyette Southern Regional Barefoot Tournament this year. It was on July 26th, at Lake David, in Groveland, Florida.

I was very nervous when we got to the tournament that morning. We got there so early that it was awkward just sitting around and waiting. My brother, Will, had injured his ribs and could not compete, and I did not like the thought of competing without him. Also, none of my instructors from the WBC were there. This was my first time to compete without them. I had so many butterflies in my stomach that I could not even eat!

Once the tournament got started, and I saw a few people that I knew, I felt better. It was fun to visit with everyone at the starting dock. Will, Ryan, Landen, and Mike sat with me and helped a lot. It started to get fun when I saw Teri, Lauren, Betsy and Carol – four ladies that are always so nice to me and really encouraging.

Before I knew it, it was my turn, and the rest of the day flew by me! I got an 8.0 in slalom, an 1800 in tricks (getting my first toe up in a tournament), and landed a 7.1 meter jump. At the end of the day, Betsy told me that I had set two pending national records for Girls 2 in tricks and jump! I could not believe it!

After the tournament, we played in the park until time for the banquet. It was really fun hanging out with Mike’s girlfriend, Aysha. I also enjoyed getting a picture with Mr. Jim Boyette, the oldest man to compete in a barefoot tournament. The banquet was at a Mexican restaurant in town, and it was awesome after not being able to eat all day because of the butterflies in my stomach!

Mr. Mike Holt organizes a great tournament, and I would like to encourage everyone to come participate in the Jim Boyette Southern Regionals next year!

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3 Responses to “Lizzie Rhea: The 2014 Jim Boyette Southern Regional Tournament”

  1. Claude St.Onge says:

    Hello Lizzie. I remember the first regionals that Keith, my little boy, attended. It was at Spencer Lake in Oswego NY. Your description of your feelings at your first regionals are a replica of Keith’s feelings. Your openness about this is so helpful to others who compete. Remembering that all barefooters are our friends and family, helps to calm and relax us. So now that you understand what other young skiers feel, you will be able to open your self to others. Older skiers also feel like this. So do your best, like Keith, and be helpful. WBC infuses confidence in others. So, share what you learn from experience in all aspects of your life. Nice to write to you CSTO

  2. Claude St.Onge says:

    Oh, Lizzie. Congratulations on your pending records. Those scores are fantastic. YABADOOOOO

  3. Tim Price says:

    You did an awesome job!!!! It was very inspiring to watch you. Keep up all the hard work. Congrats. Good luck at nationals.

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