Lexi McCauley: Discovering a Love for Barefoot Water Skiing

Hi! I am Lexi McCauley from Ohio. This is my first blog. When I was younger, barefooting was not really my thing. I usually would go to the front of the boat and sleep. I found out later that my family was having fun barefooting. I was inspired to join in the fun and barefoot by watching my dad, Mark; brother, Zac; sister, Syd; and Aunt Tina.

I am now part of the fun and the fun is exciting. It is understood on Fridays we have to pack the boat, car, and clothes. We get ready to go so we can leave when my dad comes home from work. We have a cabin at Berlin Lake and spend every weekend possible there. We also try to get to the lake at least two times during the week. We get up early to get out on the water. It’s before the sun rises! We beat the fishermen many mornings and we are usually the first barefooting boat out. On the boat, we call dibs on the running order for our ski rotation. Because I am the youngest, I always get to go first but my dad said that will soon change. My dad is always last. Zac, Syd, and Aunt Tina have to fight it out often playing rock, paper, scissors. We ski until the jet skiers tubers come out. Sometimes it is 9:30 am or sometimes it is noon. The best part is we are always welcomed back to the cabin, whatever time it maybe, to my mom with a big breakfast for us. Going to the cabin has always been a family tradition. Now that I barefoot, I can be part of the new family barefooting tradition.

Lexi McCauley

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