Chandler Cargile: Learning to Pull Barefooters

One thing I really struggled with and continue to struggle with some is pulling other skiers. I am just so used to always being the one skiing behind the boat. Finally one day, everyone at the World Barefoot Center said it had been past time for me to learn how to drive the boat. Honestly, pulling skiers skiing isn’t too scary and is actually pretty fun.

This summer, Johnathan Martines and I pulled each other skiing on shoe skis, which was very fun. Then, we would go out and pull each other doing slalom. Next, we would go out and pull Ricky Bruce barefooting. The more we pulled, the more fun it would get. Johnathan was familiar with driving a boat because he pulled his dad back home. For me, my mom would pull my dad and I would either watch or video his skiing.

I think it is important to learn how to pull skiers because the next step is coaching. It all plays a part in each other. I finally pulled my first skier (Ben Groen) over the jump behind the boat. I was really far out and I was very nervous, but I pulled him on his last two jumps behind the boat. Not only is it something that is needed to be learned, but for me, I feel good after I do it. I feel more responsible and grown up just by doing that. I really don’t know why I have waited this long to be pulling skiers, to me I think it is actually pretty fun.

By: Chandler Cargile

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