Lauren St. Onge: Team USA at the 2014 Barefoot World Championships

Skiers and supporters flew from all over the country to meet up in Las Angeles to begin our journey as a team to Australia. After 16 hours of flying we arrived in Melbourne. After collecting our MASSIVE amounts of luggage we loaded up the vehicles and were on our way to Yarrowanga Mulwala.

Driving on the left side of the road, and the driver on the right was a little chaotic getting out of the city but eventually we all made it. Everyone had clean windshield’s that’s for sure! Hehe I will explain. 90% of the time the driver meant to turn on the directional the windshield wipers would swish back and forth a few times, obviously these controls being on opposite sides took some getting use to.

We arrived safely unpacked, had some dinner and slept through the night. Kangaroo burgers anyone? The final consensus is that the typical aussie have never even tasted a bite of roo. All the Americans had a little and everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor of the meat.

Training began the first day on perfect water conditions, sunny skies, and smooth boats, a skiers dream. A couple more days of practice and then the tournament began!

Our supporters spent all day in the sun cheering and whistling on the skiers. Tan lines were the least of our worries hehe Oh tourists!

The USA team is extremely fortunate to have so much interest in barefoot waterskiing. We want to give a shout out to all our sponsors for the ski products you provided.

Barefoot International gear bags carried our barefoot equipment across the world:
Liquid Distribution/Ten-80 had everyone looking patriotic in the red white and blue board shorts.

Wood-Ya Eyewear kept our eyes protected from the sun and of course looking fly with the unique wood floating sunnies.

Venus supported our ladies with dresses giving a feminine twist to the opening ceremonies.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. We are truly grateful that you made the effort to sponsor the USA Skiers.

By: Lauren St. Onge

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