Laura Szwed Trains at the World Barefoot Center

Laura Szwed is a senior at Castleton State College, studying psychology, but when she’s not deep into her studies, she’s out barefoot water skiing.  She was recently featured in her college newspaper:

Laura Szwed, Walking on Water

A few weeks ago, Laura spent a week at the World Barefoot Center getting ready for the summer’s competitive circuit.  Here’s what she shared about her experience at the World Barefoot Center:

“I had such a great time skiing at the World Barefoot Center this past April!  It was exactly what I needed for a Spring Break– no school work– just my wetsuit!  I learned so much in the week that I was there.  KSO and Small’z were able to get me back into barefoot shape in no time, and they were able to get me doing things that I never thought I would be able to do in a  short amount of time.  They have my best interest at heart and want me to excel in this sport.  They have faith in me and that really helps to motivate me to try and learn tricks that I never thought was possible.”

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2 Responses to “Laura Szwed Trains at the World Barefoot Center”

  1. Lauren says:

    Laura, is AMAZING!!!! Not only is she extremely talented but her super upbeat attitude is a pleasure to be around:)

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