KSO Wetsuits, Stocked and Ready at the World Barefoot Center

Another load of KSO wetsuits has arrived at the World Barefoot Center, including the David Small Signature wetsuit!   You can order your KSO Wetsuit online or by calling the World Barefoot Center at 863-877-0039.

“We hear it’s been a cold spring for our Northern footin’ friends,” said Keith St. Onge.  “We’re shipping out lots of heater shirts with the wetsuits!”

For those of us up north, we’re still waiting for the water to warm up– but some of us are out there braving 45 degree air temps and putting the feet on almost-frozen water.  A dry suit is a definite plus– and you can add one to your wetsuit order at the World Barefoot Center Pro Shop.

If you’re aiming to add new tricks to your footin’ skills this summer, try out a pair of WBC Shoe Skis and build up your skills confidently on the water.

If you’ve got a KSO Wetsuit, send us some pictures of you having fun on the water and we’ll post them on the blog and Facebook.  Tell us your footin’ story with the picture!  Send your picture and story to Karen Putz at wskier22 (at) aol (dot) com.

Happy footin’!

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One Response to “KSO Wetsuits, Stocked and Ready at the World Barefoot Center”

  1. Frank Ruff says:

    Hey Swampy,
    I’ll be down sometime in the next few weeks to check out your new barefoot suits (JJ Link gave you a call on my behalf). I’ve been footin’ in Masterline’s Intensity’s, but as you may know, they’ve all fallen apart. I believe they’ll be putting together something for you guys by end of this year, but I can’t wait that long – my current suit is gone.
    Whatever we can work out will work for me. I’d like to get a suit similar in style to Chris McWaters, if possible.
    I’ll call you in advance of my coming down – we can take it from there.
    I used to foot with Lisa Poteet (Browning)… think you know her. I’m looking forward to meeting you – hear lots of great things!

    Frank Ruff

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