Kailey Koehler: How I Stay In Ski Shape

Most people ask me how I stay in shape for skiing in the winter months. As I have written in earlier blogs I do a lot of dry land practice to keep my muscles in skiing shape. Although nothing can truly prepare you for the soreness of the first ski, I try my best to be ready for it. Along with doing dryland every night, I am in a weight lifting class for athletes. I love training with my friends and other athletes who have the same goal as me, which is to get better and stronger.

I also am on the Wauconda High School track and field team. I do a lot of running and weight training to prepare myself for meets and it also makes me a better skier. In track I run the 400 and the 800 plus the relays. Those races help my legs get stronger for surface turns on the water. I also pole vault which helps strengthen my core and my upper body. I love my track team because they are very encouraging and it is a great, fun way to stay in shape for barefooting and skiing!

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