Kailey Koehler: Competition Nerves

No one will ever understand the nerves that are felt before a ski tournament until they have had first-hand experience. I usually stay pretty calm until they call my name and I walk out onto the pier. Local tournaments aren’t as nerve-racking because they are very laid back and fun, however the rules still remain and if you fall then you are done. As the season progresses and the tournaments get bigger, everyone is a lot more serious and concentrated about their skiing. Even though we are all very focused, even at a National or World tournament ,everyone is very encouraging. We all want to do our best and we want out competitors to do their best as well.

As we all stand on the dock we like to wish each other luck and give our friends advice on when to start our tricks or slalom. We help each other decide wether we should go forward or backwards based on the direction of the wind. After all, the most important part is to have fun and ski our best. Even though tournaments can be nerve- racking, they are a lot of fun and they are a great way to ski with friends and compete on a friendly level.

Kailey Koehler

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