Johnathan Martines: The World Barefoot Center Experience

I live in the northern state of Pennsylvania. The last thing kids are interested in up here is getting up at the crack of dawn and jumping into a cold lake to take some head-packers at 7 in the morning to try to learn a new trick.

This is completely different at the World Barefoot Center. The first thing I noticed when I first went to the WBC was the amount of young athletes who had the same passion for the sport that I do. They were all driven and motivated to progress their skiing, and they were all having a blast doing it!

​The amount of people who love the sport of barefooting at the WBC gives the school an amazing atmosphere. At the school, you put your whole time and effort into your skiing. Even when you aren’t skiing, you are watching videos from that day’s skiing, drylanding, or watching old videos. You truly get to spend your whole life on improving your skiing.

​Another thing I love about the WBC is that everyone is so friendly. Swampy Bouchard, Dave Small, Keith St. Onge, Ben Groen, AJ Porecca, and Ash Stebbeings were the leaders when I went last summer. They set a great example for the entire team on how to be friendly and personable. I was a bit shy and timid when I first went down. The crew down there, especially Swampy, worked to break me of that bit of shyness.

The atmosphere is like no other at the WBC. Everyone is friendly and gets along. I spent a good portion of my summer at the WBC last year. I can honestly tell you there was not one argument or fight between any of the students all summer that I saw. Everyone helped each other out and worked to improve each other’s skiing. I cannot say enough about how amazing the WBC is. The memories I have made at the WBC are ones I will never forget. There is nowhere else on earth where I can find some many young skiers that love the sport, and so much knowledge of the sport from the instructors.

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  1. duane says:

    Hey – great observations of the school and personal dynamics. It’s a great place; conducive to fast progression and fun competition. Jonathan is becoming the benchmark for quick learning.

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