Joey Tombers: Show Skiing and Barefooting

When I first started show skiing it was looked at as an opportunity to ski more and learn about the sport of waterskiing. That is about when I heard about barefooting and three event tournaments. These really got me motivated to advance in the sport and make it a passion.

I ski with the Twin Cities River Rats in Minnesota and the support from the team in my barefooting adventure is unreal. I am always getting congratulated and they are always helping me get better at what I do even if it is as simple as boat time. Show skiing is also a time to show off, as the name implies, the skills that my team and I have put together for an audience. I think that is the big difference between barefooting and show skiing. I barefoot for myself and rely on only me for everything I do in order to beat myself in my goals and overcome obstacles. I show ski for the crowd and entertainment of others while also relying on my team to put on a good show.

What is not different about either sport is the passion that the skiers have for what they do. All I can say is that in every other sport I have played the mission is to tear each other down and beat the other person but in any form of waterskiing I have competed in, it is the exact opposite; the mission is to help each other reach to their full potential.

By: Joey Tombers

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