Jim Forster: The Challenge of Competing

As we start June, we find the 2014 Barefoot Tournament season underway. With the PGA Season Opener held on May 3 in Palm Beach Gardens, the season has begun. I also realize that the weather in most other regions of the U.S. has been pretty lousy this Spring, but we were lucky enough to have had a warm Winter this year in South Florida.

I often wonder why isn’t there more participation in barefoot tournaments? As a competitive barefooter, I can tell you that it takes time and commitment to ski in tournaments.  I would say that one of the biggest challenges facing most competitive barefoot skiers is, Time. But the commitment is very rewarding as not only do you improve your skiing, but as I have said before, you will meet skiers from other regions and countries and we all share the same passion for the sport.

I love to encourage the development of younger skiers coming up through the sport.  I realize that barefooting is technically, a hard sport to master, but to me, that’s the real challenge. Be willing to make the effort to improving your skiing. Trust me, I have been skiing a long time and it is WORTH IT! Barefooting may not appear to be as flashy and as hip as say, wakeboarding ( shoot me now ), but to me a barefooter is a more well-rounded skier. Be that one person who has the determination and grit to succeed…….barefooting is fun! What other sport allows you to glide over the water and perform toe holds…surface turns…..cross the wake backwards ( you can’t do that in 3 event! ) and jump, all on your bare feet? I’d bet you’d be the only kid in your class that can claim to be able to ski without a board or skis…..how cool is that??!!

So, I’m appealing to young and older skiers alike, make that effort to join a tournament, you’d be surprised how well you’ll do. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised how supportive other skiers will be….we are a tight knit group, but you have to be willing to let us help you. Hope to see you at a tournament soon!

Jim Forster

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