Jerry Kanawyer: Why I Continue to Barefoot Competitively

At the age of 50, I have been competing since 1987. Wow, that’s 36 years, I must be getting old, LOL. I have also competed in every Nationals since 1987 , with the exception of 1995, due to an illness in which I was bed ridden. I still have the drive to continue to improve my scores. As long as I can keep improving I will keep competing.

As I grow older, there’s one person that stays in my mind, that’s Don Mcfeters. Don was one person who knew how to ski and improve in his later years. In his 70’s he was able to continue to improve his scores. He slalomed in the 12’s and tricked in the 1500’s. Don Mcfeters is an amazing man. He would take a fall that would have hurt most people, but he would jump up and go for another pass, like it didn’t bother him. He’s a joy to be around, one of the nicest person you would ever meet.

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2 Responses to “Jerry Kanawyer: Why I Continue to Barefoot Competitively”

  1. Mark Duewel says:

    I was a spectator at the 2013 Nationals this last weekend. I was looking for Don McFeters. What happened to him?

  2. Brenda McFeters says:

    Don is my father and hero! Several years ago, his back (and doctor) forced him to leave his love, Barefooting. After a period of mourning, he jumped back into (with both feet) volunteering for the church school where he had spent a pretty penny for his children’s education. He still climbs ladders, crawls through the attic, repairs leaks and lawnmowers, builds playground equipment, teases the teachers, and hands out liberal advice and praise to all. The kids love him and so do the staff.

    In his off time, he spends hours reading (and occasionally napping) and visits friends who are sick. He was a great father and taught me everything I needed to know about living life.

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