Jerry Kanawyer: The Wedding

It was an extremely busy time hosting Nationals and having my wedding at the same time. Thank You Kami Koehler for suggesting it. It was the only way to have a lot of my ski family at the wedding. It was the wedding that I wanted inmy backyard with all my family and friends. I had the most beautiful bride that I could have ever hoped for. There was a slight delay in getting it started. OK it was an hour late. It actually gave time for some to arrive from the tournament.

The flower girls, Jadzia, Aubrey & Gretal were priceless.  As one dropped the flower petals,  Gretal starting picking them up. Then Grant the ring barrier dropped the ring in the grass and looked at his mom in a panic, it took a few minutes to find but it was found. The two small mishaps made the wedding just that much more memorable.

I was disappointed when David Small’s girlfriend, Tab, had to go back to Florida before the wedding. I had a great plan to ask her and Dave to come up for a double wedding lol. That would have been hilarious.

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