Jerry Kanawyer: My Trip Down Under

I spent three weeks in Australia, Natasha Derry and the kids picked me up from the airport after a 14 hour flight. Kenny was home in bed with a bad back. We went straight to Liverpool, the site of the 1998 World Championships. It was nice after skiing in cold water, to get back into warm water, where I got my first ski in a wet suit in months. I stayed with the Derry family for the first week. They live in Toukley which is just about an hour north of Sydney. They were great hosts! Thanks to Rocket for giving up his room, for me to stay in.

While at Kenny’s we skied in salt water, their lakes are right off of the ocean. We skied there for a couple of days, then drove north to an awesome place which I compare to the Delta water ways like what we have here in northern California. We skied behind a flight craft while there for the day. When we were leaving, to head back to Kenny’s, when we got attacked by mozzies (mosquitos). They’re pretty aggressive, hundreds of bites in seconds, boy do they itch! We left the next morning to head to Muwala to meet up with the rest of the Aussies. The first two days there, they had a tournament in which I skied. I stayed with Pete O’Neal for the first two days and then with his parents until the American clan arrived. They were awesome; they spoiled me like no other. They fed me some amazing meals and they made sure that I got enough ski time too. Thanks, Pete for the lesson on the fly board. It was so much fun!

Team USA

The American clan has arrived. I moved over to my new hang out with the rest of our clan. Thanks to Lauren St.Onge and Kami Koehler for handling all of our arrangements and clothing. We had a great bunch of people. We all got along great and had so much fun! How could you not when your hanging with Lee Stone, he always has you in stitches (laughing). It was great to see all my longtime friends. Our sport is very unique as we all are like one big family. We left for the airport a few hours after the banquet so there was no time for sleep, just finish packing and on the road to Melbourne to catch our long flight home.

Jerry Kanawyer

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