Friends and Barefooting in Malvern, PA

Traveling on our way to Malvern was exciting, we were able to visit Hershey PA, the Amish Villages, and Valley Forge.  Traveling in our Anytime Fitness

National Barefoot 35ft RV– the last thing that we needed was low bridges.  After leaving Valley Forge the TOMTOM brought us on some winding back roads and

then to top it off, an eight-foot bridge!  We pulled out the good ole map and worked our way to Rich Kaufman’s house.  Rich and Vicki were kind enough to let us

set up camp in the yard.

Footin Crew!

Skiers License PlateMucles!Aww

At 7 am, we hit the water of the Schuylkill River.  It was beautiful. We skied for a half day and the guys did fantastic!  A few of the guys were first

timers and they all had success. :)

Barefooting Boys

In the afternoon, we took off and hopped a train into Philly.  Downtown Philadelphia has tons of US history.  We did a walking tour to see the sites,

Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin’s Grave, Independence National Historical Park, and much more.  To cool down from the hot sun, we visited the National

Constitution Center It was a great reminder of what our country is founded upon.

As many of you know we love FOOD! When you visit Philly you must try Philly Cheesesteak.  Unfortunately Lauren Lindeman does not eat meat or dairy, so

this task became a little more difficult.  With some searching online, we came across Blackbirds Pizzeria Yum! Blackbirds is

a 100% Vegan restaurant that not only has pizza but offer a vegan Philly  Cheesesteak!  It was delicious!

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak! YUM!

The clinic organizer Rich Kaufman had a great clinic.  Everything was well organized and conditions were great for footin’.  Rich has been working his

barefoot multiple surface turns.  In the past Rich has completed a few multiples of for credit in tournaments.  This week he worked on making sure to

turn with correct form.  Learning to step over in the turn will make it much more consistent.  Be on the lookout for Rich’s new scores this summer!

Step Over Barefoot Turn- Rich Kaufman

Barefoot Surface Turns- Rich Kaufman

Toe Turn- Rich Kaufman

Hello ladies!  Two ladies joined that barefoot world in PA.  Vicki Rothweiler and Sherene Toebe tried barefoot waterskiing for the first time.  Like most, they

were afraid to take a hard fall like they have seen others do, but with professional coaching from Keith St. Onge, they learned the correct way.  HeadZone helmets

helped them become more relaxed knowing they wouldn’t have to worry about not hearing what Keith instructed them to do.  Headzone helmets are waterproof

communication from instructor to skier, no more yelling! Yay! Once their feet hit the water, these ladies had big smiles. :)

Barefooting Babes

Vicki Barefooting in the Swing

Sherene's New Sport!

Peter Bostozk barefooted for a day and did great! Peter is a natural footer and all his basics came back to him quickly.  Don’t we all wish that happend to us?  Keep up the awesome footin’ Peter we look forward to doing some skiing with you next year.

Peter After a Great Set

One Foot One Hand

Bob Cullum the DJ, well, there is only one thing that stand out in our minds about Bob– and the picture below explains it all.

Bob the DJ- OUCH!

Bob actually did very well before the picture above was taken.  Bob was lucky enough to barefoot side by side with Keith St. Onge!

Bob the DJ and KSO

Back Toe on barefeet! Way to go BOB!

Mike Rawalina cleaned up his front one foots on his feet, they looked great! Mike was a quick learner he moved on and did his first ever toe holds on shoe  skis.   Mike started the process to learning his back deep, with his determination he will be gliding across the lake with no problem.

Barefooter Mike

Back Deep- Mike

John Brower Jr. has been working the basics of barefooting for years.  John has trained with Keith St. Onge for many years in a row.  This summer, John had a surprise for Keith, during his warm up pass John did a back deep, some one foots and proceeded to shock us with a clean back to front turn!  Way to go


Front Toe Hold- John

John and Keith St. Onge

Scott Highley not only plays football but barefoots too!  Scott cleaned up his form and worked on his shoes.  Check it out!

Footer- John

Oh Yeah!

Dave Baranowski was skiing up a storm.  In just two short days Dave learned tons!  Look at his solid front toe hold! He is excited to show everyone his Back Line Step trick!

Toe Hold- Dave

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