Footers get FRONT PAGE!

Lauren Lindeman makes a splash on the front page of the LaPorte, Indiana Herald Argus news:

Footapalooza Makes Front Page!

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4 Responses to “Footers get FRONT PAGE!”

  1. Jack Hollingsworth says:

    When do you think you will have time to post clinic pictures you took from last Friday? Great picture in the paper.

  2. World Barefoot Center says:

    I am currently working on it! Keep an eye out in the next couple days:)

  3. areamike says:

    Hey Keith and Lauren.

    Here is a scanned copy of page A5 of the local paper for the continued writeup about Footapalooza. Looks like Lauren was Ms. Popularity. Got her picture in there twice! What a camera hog! j/k

  4. Lauren says:

    Oh I am flattered, these really expose my good barefoot form:) A butt ride and a crash what else could a girl as for! hehe

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