DevinSuperTramp, Vooray, and Barefooting

It has been extremely exciting here at the World Barefoot Center. We have had the pleasure of working with Devin Graham AKA Devin Super Tramp for the Vooray apparel shoot. Wear your lifestyle and Live.Ride.Play is the Vooray motto and Devin has an amazing talent for filming that type of videos. As a young kid he would take his parents’ cameras and use them until they were destroyed. Over the years he has taken his filming to a new level and is the most popular guy on It is quite possible you have seen one of his videos and not realized it. We highly recommend checking out some of his work here: DevinSuperTramp on YouTube.

The past 3 days, the WBC crew has been ready and working before sunrise. We skied two locations, used 3 boats, a jet ski, and a plane. Yes, I said a PLANE!

We had the pleasure of teaching Devin and Todd the CEO of Vooray how to barefoot waterski and with limited time, these guys truly amazed us with their natural ability and determination to accomplish the task of barefoot waterskiing.

Devin barefooting

Todd barefooting

Devin stayed an extra day in order to shoot the plane scene. It is unbelievable footage! We are beyond excited to see what Devin creates. The video is due to come out in June. Keep an eye out for it!

Lauren St. Onge

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