David Small Sets Pending Trick World Record

It’s the battle of the World Records between Keith St. Onge and David Small this summer!   Keith was the first to ski over 13,000 but the video was reviewed by tournament officials and will not be submitted for a world record from the Port St. Lucie tournament in May, 2011.   David just tricked 12,300 (with a busted rib!) at Silverado Lake on July 10, 2011.

Here’s the video of Small’z, taken by Brian Heeney:

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One Response to “David Small Sets Pending Trick World Record”

  1. Ian Maund says:

    Completely Awesome. Dave skied with us back in 2003/2004. After watching him do a set one day we asked him if he ever fell…he said “what tricks that then?”. :-) Well done Dave & regards from Ian

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