David Small Jumps Over the Lazy Guys’ Tube

The boys at the World Barefoot Center didn’t have anything to do one afternoon, so they decided to have some fun making Small’z work for his jumps:

Watch the action on “Next Level Barefooting,” and check out the GoPro camera view with David Small, Ben Groen, Ben LaFrance, Clement Maillard, and Filippo Ribaldone:

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One Response to “David Small Jumps Over the Lazy Guys’ Tube”

  1. Lynn Johnson says:

    Small’z you crazy SOB!! How can I honestly point my potential customers to your site and say “I work for these guys”?? You jump over all kinds of odd shi*! People, rafts!! People will think you are … well…I’m not sure.!
    Aside from that, love the video!
    Best wishes, Lynn

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