Dave Ramsey helping out the World Barefoot Center

After reading Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership, many things he shared in his book sunk deep into my slowly maturing mind.  I figured since he listened to me during a few clinics I hosted with him, why not listen to him?  All kidding aside, Dave did everything I told him during the barefoot waterskiing clinic even when I knew he did not want to. He accomplished great things on the water as a result.  I also do the things Dave preaches on his website, live events and his books, even though saving money can be difficult.  He trusts me and I trust him.

After reading about “Mission Statements” in EntreLeadership, I introduced the idea to my team at the World Barefoot Center.  Our business has grown immensely in under three years and now that we had a solid foundation, it was time to create a mission statement.

Dave Ramsey and World Champion Keith St.Onge Barefoot Water Skiing

Should we have had a “Mission Statement” from the beginning?  Yes.  As a small business in its early stages, it would have been great to have from the beginning to keep everyone focused.  If we would have had a statement, I’m positive it would have changed us, as we were being pulled in many different directions during the beginning years.  A Mission Statement would have given us direction and motivation.  When everyone is looking in the same direction with the same task and goals at hand, you have a powerful ship moving full steam ahead.  That’s what a Mission Statement does.

We decided to all write a mission statement within a few days; meet again and share our ideas with one another.  Our master writer, AJ Porreca, took our statements and wrote several models using various sentences we provided.  We all gave our opinions on what we liked and did not like and finally came up with our “Mission Statement” for the World Barefoot Center.  I can truly say I am proud to be a part of a TEAM that represents our “Mission!”  We believe in our mission statement so much we are going to paint it on the wall of the ski school:

“To build champions on and off the water, show commitment to the improvement of our students beginner to advanced and utilize our business as a catalyst to ignite passion and growth within the sport.”

As I pass the book, EntreLeadership, to my team to read, I look forward to practicing what Dave preaches.  Just as my students at the WBC ski school trust in me to practice what I preach.

Thank you for your guidance and friendship, Dave!

By: Keith St.Onge

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4 Responses to “Dave Ramsey helping out the World Barefoot Center”

  1. Andy says:

    I like it.

    But how about:

    Our Mission Statement:
    To build champions on and off the water. To demonstrate our commitment to the improvement of our students beginner to advanced and to act as a catalyst to ignite passion and growth in our sport barefoot waterskiing.

  2. Wayne says:

    My wife and I have been following Dave for about 4 years now and have been debt free for over 2. I just recently finished the same book on audio entreleadership. It is funny how footers think a like. Did you ever get Dave long line? The funny thing is how when I ask some people if they have ever heard of him they still say know. Another great book is by Jeff Olson, the slight edge keep up the great work Kso I hope the traffic is good for you down there. Never quit wayniac

  3. World Barefoot Center says:

    I like it!! We’ll have to discuss and possibly make the changes…Thank you, Keith

  4. World Barefoot Center says:

    How good does it feel to be Debt Free!?!?!? Oh, I can not wait for that day myself! I’ll have to check out the book you are recommending. Keith

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