Connecting with the Best Barefooters on the Water

The highlights of my barefoot career have been many over the past 30 years–and trust me, I have been very lucky more than most barefoot water skiers to experience what the sport can give.

One thing that stands out for me is the experience  I have had with World Barefoot Center every time I visit.

How many people can say that they have sat in the boat with so many of the best skiers in the world and been a part of what it takes for them as skier to be the best?

Seeing what these skiers need to do mentally and physically, and feeling what they go through as I sit among this group while they are being driven to win and achieve their goals is incredible.

Every athlete at the top level of their sport trains in similar ways, no matter what that sport. These athletes cannot do it alone. It’s the coaches who connect all the pieces together to enable an athlete to be able to go to the limits that is required for them to win.

As a competitive skier, I have by no means achieved what these elite skiers have in barefooting, but every time they climb onto the back of the boat, I connect with the passion and goals in their eyes.

Robbie Groen, New Zealand

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