Chicago Barefoot Ski Clinic with Bob Kraft & crew

I was coming into Chicago for my niece’s Baptism and had a few extra days to do a clinic.  I posted a quick blurb about it on FaceBook and got a few replies.  Bob Kraft was one of them and even though he never set up a clinic before, he had all the enthusiasm it took!  I was staying at my in-laws and Bob was only forty five minutes away.  I drove out to the Fox river early Tuesday morning.  I arrived at a house I had seen before, but I had no idea where?  It felt like deja vu and as I walked around the house towards the river, I heard something that brought back the memory: cascading water.  I had seen the house on Yahoo! news– and going into the river was a huge waterfall.  Bob’s father had built this gorgeous waterfall and now I was at the very house I saw on the news over a month ago.

Water Fall on the Fox River in Chicago

Tyler Kraft 1st time up on his feet!

Tom Hart works on one hand one foot

Great day of foot’n with the crew!  It was great to get back to the Fox River that I have had many clinics and ski days on in the past.  Everyone was a blast to hang with and they all learned something new.  Hope to be back next year!

Keith St.Onge

Bob Kraft

Chicago Crew

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