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World Barefoot Center no longer an Eagle Dealer

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

As of January 2, 2014

WBC NEWS – Company growth outpaces supplier’s production ability!

Every successful company reaches thresholds of increased demand, of elevated customer expectations and of heightened responsibility to their industry. The WBC has just been informed by Chuck Gleason of Eagle Sports that he will no longer be able to meet the barefoot wetsuit production demands of WBC.

In a letter to the WBC Chuck states “You guys have ordered a lot of product, and I know our product fits well within your business…….It’s with regret that I have to inform you that Eagle Sports will be unable to fulfill your wetsuit production needs for this coming season……..we don’t feel we can deliver product to WBC in a timely enough manner for you to adequately support your clients………. ”

The WBC is grateful for the relationship we have had with Eagle Sports during our growth. This was an expected phase, to outpace some of our suppliers, however we did not forecast being at this point with our wetsuit demand at this time.

Ben Groen – WBC Manager Product Development & Manufacturing is excited about this new step “I look at it as an opportunity to learn from our growth and ultimately enhance delivery with higher quality products. By partnering with a more established manufacturer that has closer ties to global markets we will position our company with the leaders within the industry”

The WBC wishes Eagle Sports continued success.

The World Barefoot Center would like to apologize to our customers as we go through this transitional period. We are excited to say we have been working with a respected company and well known wetsuit manufacturer to bring a new line of custom WBC wetsuits soon. We will follow up with an announcement shortly.

Team WBC

Holiday Gifts for Barefoot Water Skiers

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Check out our Holiday Gifts for Barefoot Water Skiers
in the World Barefoot Center Pro Shop!

Click here:

Holiday Gift Bundles

Best Barefoot Ski School, Biggest Barefoot Ski School & Most Affordable Barefoot Ski School

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Saying we are the Best Barefoot Ski School may be a little biased, but here are a few reasons we could be considered to be the best:

The best Barefoot Water Skiers in the World own and work at the WBC: David Small and Keith St.Onge have won the last six world titles, Ashleigh Stebbeings is the #1 female barefoot water skier in the world and Ben Groen is ranked #4 in the world.  There are some athletes that should only be athletes and not coaches or instructors but these four individuals have the common sense to be both.  Our instructors will not only provide a great service but they are safety conscious and provide a fun atmosphere in the boat while learning.

We have the best equipment and boats.  We use all Barefoot International products (Boom, Tower, Tower Extension), provide shoe skis and ropes & handles by US Gear.  Our boats are a little older, but that is entirely due to the wear and tear these boats go through on a daily basis.  The Sanger outboards have a flat wake, no chin spray off the side and are powered by brand new Evinrude engines.

The World Barefoot Center is the Largest Barefoot Ski School in the history of the sport.  This is a fact because:

We have four boats, fully equipped.
We have five top-level instructors that have titles as professionals, top four on the ranking list, hold world records, and years of experience.
We have four lakes which we use and can accommodate any wind direction.
We have a fully-stocked pro shop.
Our instructors are available seven days a week.
We pulled 22 skiers in one day, which is a record as far as we have ever heard.

Most Affordable prices:
Our clients can simply do their homework and Google our competitors prices.  The World Barefoot Center prices are the most reasonable, affordable, and fair-priced compared to any other barefoot ski school.


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Barefoot International Booms

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Barefoot Int was the first company to manufacture and sell barefoot booms to the public.  A boom is a device that sticks out the side of the boat which is attached to a pylon or tower that enables any water discipline to be learned much easier and safer.

Barefoot International Boom off the boat

I learned how to step off a ski in 1988 holding onto a boom and if it wasn’t for that who knows how difficult it would have been to learn how to barefoot water ski.  Many people have learned how to get up on water skis, a wakeboard and on one ski while holding onto the boom.  Learning these manuveurs behind the boat can by tough for many people.  The boom is steady, rigid and allows the body weight of the individual to be less than trying it long line behind the boat.

The Tower Boom attaches to the side of the tower

This training aid or what is now called the boom was developed years before Mike Seipel began manufacturing it.  Some people used to build them out of two by fours, aluminum pipe and whatever they thought would be strong enough to attach to the boat and hold onto while skiing or barefooting.

Learning to slide before barefoot water skiing on the boom

Cypress Gardens was known for using their own homemade booms for photo shoots years ago.

WakeBoarding on the boom

Here’s a video of Keith St.Onge showing what a boom is and the features that come with it.

Barefoot Boom Video

New Wetsuits, Board Shorts and More in the Pro Shop

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

The World Barefoot Center Pro Shop is stocked and ready for all your footin’ needs!  Check out our new line of Ten-80 board shorts for men and women: WBC Board Shorts.  We’ve also added a colorful line of beanies to our hat collection: Stuff for the head. Check out Small’z modeling skills:

Our new line of 2013 wetsuits produced by Eagle are more colorful than ever:

We also carry US Gear handles, the official handles of the World Barefoot Championship. Take a look at the handles in action:

Tennessee clinic w/ Don Simon & Crew

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Passionate is the word that describes Don Simon and his love for the sport of barefoot water skiing!  At 72 years young he organized this clinic not for his own personal needs but simply to get more footers involved in the sport.  Ok, he may be looking for a few new recruits in case he needs a driver from time to time. haha  All kidding aside, Don holds a barefoot water ski clinic on the Emry River in hopes to get new people involved.  He doesn’t even want instruction for himself.  He says, “Keith, you can’t teach me anything new, I know it all already!” as he laughs!  Don helps drive the boat, motivates others and listens to some “New School” technique so he can help his fellow footers when he can.

Don Simon having fun on his feet!

He even does a 1 ft. at the mature age of 72!!

There are so many lakes and rivers in the Knoxville area it provides a breading ground for local footers.  Many boat manufacturers have also been in the area for years like MasterCraft, Malibu and Supra just to mention a few.  I’d say this area is the boat manufacturer of the world.


Chris, Rusty, Danny, Keith W.,Wade & Mike

My job is to make sure everyone walks away from the clinic with a new piece of knowledge.  As long as everyone learns a little something new and knows what not to do I think I’ve done my job.  First rule in the boat is “Have Fun” and that comes pretty easy if you’re in a boat foot’n all day!

Chris Ritchie doing one of his first one foots on his bare feet

Mike Bryant learning a one foot, one hand for the first time.

We used Don Simon’s sweet Super Scorpion Sanger with a custom Tower Extension that sat two feet taller than standard.  I liked foot’n on it!  My friend Danny came over from the Carolina’s and kept everyone laughing and motivated in the boat!  This man is a ball of energy and loves his chewing gum!  He chews gum until it dissolves, which he says last him five hours.  If he is still chewing it before he goes to bed he puts it in the refrigerator or on his night stand…he then throws it into his mouth in the morning and he’s good to go!

Don and Danny

Chris Ritchie first time up backwards!

Taylor was not used to skiing with the boom low but to learn front toe holds it's a must! He did his first one that day!

Thank you everyone that joined the clinic!  It was a blast.  Unfortunately the only picture I got of Jason was learning how to Hand Ski.  He did get up backwards on WBC Shoe Skis on his second set though and did a front toe hold on shoes.

Jason preparing to push up for hand skiing

By: Keith St.Onge

WBC & Female NXS Barefoot Wetsuits

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Available at the end of May is the WBC wetsuit.  This version is colored by an orange spatter design.  Something new and exciting for 2012 by: KSO wetsuits.

World Barefoot Center 2012 Barefoot Wet Suit

New to the KSO Wetsuit line is the NXS Female Barefoot Wetsuit.  The NXS (In Excess) was requested by many females and has many features for the girls of our sport.  Smaller arm holes and a tapered waist for maximum comfort.

NXS (In Excess) Female Barefoot Water Ski Wetsuit with a tapered waist by: KSO wetsuits

Visit for size charts and call the WBC at (863) 877-0039 to place your order.

USA Suits

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

*New for 2012*

KSO Wetsuits has just come out with the design for this year’s upcoming USA barefoot suits. The design will be available to the public and worn by members of the World Championship Team. These suits feature the latest designs and cuts for optimum skiing comfort and performance. This model features a patriotic blend of red, white and blue color panels with star and stripe graphics stretching across the suit. There are traditional style cinches on each leg. The padding is wrap-around style for the torso to ensure there are no vulnerable spots and, unlike past models, the back upper and lower body pads are formed from one piece to reduce seams. Call (863)877-0039 or E-Mail to pre-order yours today! Sizes available include: XS, S, M, XL, XXL.

Barefoot Water Ski “Equipment”

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Barefoot Water Ski equipment can be located in our pro shop on line and in Winter Haven, FL.  Our phone line is open 24/7  for any questions you may have about the product we sell.  Our experienced staff are here to help guide you in the direction you wish.  The World Barefoot Center Ski School has over sixty years of knowledge between the top three instructors and welcome first timers.

24/7 phone #:  (863) 877-0039

Our store is equipped with:
Barefoot Wetsuits
Padded Shorts
Heater Shirts
Shoe Skis
Ropes & Handles
Barefoot Booms & Towers
Boat Equipment
Apparel, Hats/Shirts/Sweatshirts

Why is the World Barefoot Center the Best Ski School in the World?

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Every ski school claims that theirs is better then the next one, so why is the World Barefoot Center the best ski school in the world? What really sets this ski school above the rest, is the combination of the top two men in the world for barefoot waterskiing, David Small and Keith St Onge– and their own personal coach, Swampy Bouchard. These three experienced coaches have new training techniques, and have taught hundreds of people to ski from beginners up to the top class skiers in the sport. Every day, they help people to develop their skills further in the sport of barefoot waterskiing.

The proof is in the footin’.   Take a look at the skiers that WBC has produced– to me, the quality of skiing says it all. It’s not just about going out and coaching; they really put their own heart and soul into this sport to make sure that they are getting the best out of each and every skier that comes through the school. It’s a simple concept: the better you are at something, the more fun it is.

Aside from the combination of these great instructors, the World Barefoot Center is in a great location on Lake Rochelle and Lake Conine in Winter Haven, Florida, with access to four lakes when needed. There are three Sanger outboards with 225 Evinrudes on them. These boats stay in both of the lakes, which makes it very convenient to be able to use to them all day, everyday. They are each individually equipped with towers, booms and super fly highs. as well as the best equipment available– which includes US gear handles, KSO shoe skis and  Headzone helmets. This equipment is also available to purchase in the pro shop, which is located onsite and it also has a huge variety of the 2010 and 2011 KSO wetsuit gear as well as WBC and KSO merchandise. The ski school is located between Orlando and Tampa airports, which makes it easy to travel to.

The type of training that you do will depend on the level of the skier. Beginners tend to do shorter sets more frequently so that they can focus on improving their  overall skills.   Advanced skiers do a combination of short, frequent sets and a long set where they get pushed to their limit.

If you would like any more information about the World Barefoot Center, then just visit the website or call 863-877-0039.

By Ashleigh Stebbeings, Australia